Morning Reads for Super Tuesday

Here in Georgia…
– The Albany Herald has endorsed Mitt Romney.
Crossover Day is coming. #PANIC
– The solar power bill, which is opposed by Georgia Power — the government-protect monopoly, is on life support.
– The Senate passed legislation to prevent illegal immigrants from attending Georgia’s public colleges.
– Henry County will pass on a fiber optic network.
– Here’s the damage report from last weekend’s storms.

National stories of interest…
– Nate Silver has the latest delegate projection for Super Tuesday. The bottomline is that it may be a good night for Mitt Romney (but don’t tell that to anti-Romney conservatives).
– Ron Paul picked up support from some of Romney’s distant cousins.
– A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that voters are becoming turned off by the GOP presidential race.
– A federal judge has shot down a restrictive gun law in Maryland.
– College students in Colorado can now carry guns on campus.
– Attorney General Eric Holder says the government can target U.S. citizens overseas who are involved in terrorism.
– The Heritage Foundation has some suggested questions for the press to ask President Obama during his press conference today.
– The Green Party wants ObamaCare shot down by the Supreme Court. Of course, their alternative is worse.
– If a private company used accounting tricks like these, the CEO would be grilled in front of a congressional committee or worse.

A few that I like…
– Bulldogs hoping to make it to the NFL displayed their skills in front of scouts yesterday.
– Have you had any canceled credit card debt? You could owe taxes on it.
– It sounds like Mr. Burns, but Mitt Romney said it.
– Newspaper paywalls aren’t working.
– The latest episode of The Walking Dead has prompted this post on morality in the post-apocalyptic world.
– What can we learn about leadership from Captain James Kirk?


  1. Calypso says:

    “- The solar power bill, which is opposed by Georgia Power — the government-protect monopoly, is on life support.”

    I bet Balfour is trying feverishly to pull the plug from the wall. If he can’t manage that, I imagine he has a pillow handy.

  2. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Why has Peach Pundit bought into the PC BS of calling illegal aliens “illegal immigrants?”

    Federal law says that they are illegal aliens. A few do-nothing, know-nothing liberals in Congress decided to carry the water for the amnesty group and declared that they would call them illegal immigrants and the mainstream media jumped on board to help do their part. After all, it’s easier to grant amnesty to an “immigrant” of any type than an alien, right?

    If one is here legally and has a greencard, he is a permanent resident alien. Why no PC love for PRA’s? I guess it’s because the Dimocrats don’t see them as future registered Dimocrats.

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      Firstly, there are no “do-nothing” liberals in Congress. It was the GOP and their retarded step-child the Tea Party that has done nothing. You should look in the mirror before calling any other person a know-nothing.

      They are undocumented immigrants, some are undocumented migrant workers.

      Political correctness is not BS and federal law does not say that undocumented immigrants are “illegal aliens.” There is no official government slogan for describing these individuals.

      But, OleDirtyBarrister, you do not care…even though you should. We, humans, think in the same language we speak. The idea behind political correctness, also known as using neutral language, is to view humanity, and individuals, as the individuals they are rather than labeling, classifying, and stereotyping them. For example, I have no idea who you are or what you do…but you are more than just an ignorant bigot. Referring to you as an ignorant bigot provides a biased frame through which I would evaluate you in any and all capacities. Psychologically, my applying the ignorant bigot label to categorizes you with other ignorant bigots that I have encountered in my life just as classifying undocumented immigrants as illegal aliens lumps them all other petty/poor criminals. Whether you realize it or not, labeling humans in such a way affects the way in which you make decisions about them.

      I will leave it at that. The fact remains that you refer to them as illegal immigrants because you are a bigot. You would rather imagine them as criminals than as productive members of society (think about that next time you purchase produce at your local grocery), just as many left of the right would just call you a racist redneck and be done with it.

      One final thing, it is interesting that your concern is over these individuals becoming citizens and voting for candidates with whom you disagree. After all, the last time amnesty was given to a similar population of individuals it was done by Ronald Reagan. Oh, and it is spelled Democrats…with an “e.”

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Republicans are supposed to do nothing at all. Democrats are supposed to do way too much.

        It’s like, their party platforms or something.

  3. ricstewart says:

    The terminology is semantics. The question is whether or not SB 458 is necessary in the first place.
    Chancellor Hank Huckaby and former Chancellor Erroll Davis have both testified that undocumented students do not take away seats from academically qualified Georgians. Huckaby and Davis also both testified that since they pay out of state tuition, they are subsidizing the education of Georgia students.

    Loudermilk and others in the Senate have claimed that undocumented students are stealing seats from Georgians and using higher education without paying for it. Where is the evidence to support these claims?

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