I’m Joining 11Alive/WXIA For Super Tuesday Coverage

On a programming note, I’ll be in studio with the political team at Atlanta’s 11Alive News for expanded elections coverage tonight.  We’ll have updates beginning at 8pm, with a bonus hour of live coverage beginning at 10PM.

I’ll be sitting in with Bert Brantley, Dr. Andra Gillespie, and Goldie Taylor.  We’ll be augmenting the considerable talents of Brenda Wood, Melissa Long, and Devin Fehley from the anchor chairs, and the political reporting team of Jeff Hullinger, Matt Pearl, Doug Richards, Jon Shirek, Jaye Watson, and Keith Whitney.  We’ll have all the results from Georgia and across the country.

As for what I’ll be looking for this evening?  That’s in today’s column, posted here at 1:00.


  1. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Jeff Hullinger is on the political reporting team?

    Charlie, you should walk up to him with a straight face and say, “To heck with the Hullman!” and watch his reaction. He would probably be impressed that someone remembers his radio days of the early-mid 90’s.

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