RIP Andrew Brietbart

I wanted to add my own thoughts on the sudden and shocking passing of Andrew Breitbart (see Erick’s post here). I remember the first time I heard of Breitbart. I saw a video of him speaking to a Young Republicans group in DC talking about the need for conservatives to shed our stuffy, un-hip image. I liked what he had to say and began following his career.

I never met Breitbart but his work influenced me. My personality is nothing like his, I’m not a provocateur. You won’t see me outside the Capitol shouting down Occupy Wall Street type protesters, but he still influenced me. When I became an Elected Official I decided I would not stop blogging because, in large measure, of Andrew Breitbart. It would certainly be easier to stop blogging. It would greatly reduce the risk that I post a stupid career ending comment. However, I feel this platform is a valuable one so I’ll keep on blogging and advocating for things I care about.

Erick mentioned Breifbart’s tremendous impact on the blogosphere, especially the the right-wing blogoshpere. I’m a regular reader of Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and Big Government. His book Righteous Indignation is a must read.

I join with those extending sympathy to his friends and family. RIP Andrew Breitbart. You’ll be missed.