Presidential Wednesday: Mitt Has A Good Night

Tuesday proved to be a good one for Mitt Romney as he wins in Arizona and his home State of Michigan. One bit of bad news for Romney is that despite winning the popular vote in Michigan, Rick Santorum may end up with more delegates (see final MI results here). Also, Romney’s 3 point win was by a smaller margin than four years ago, but first place is better than second. Romney claims all of Arizona’s delegates as it was a winner take all State. To be sure, Romney seizes the momentum going into Super Tuesday next week.

Saturday is the Washington Caucus where Santorum leads by 11 according to this poll.

As it stands now Super Tuesday RCP averages are:

Georgia: Gingrich +9.0
Ohio: Santorum +8.3

Other most recent Super Tuesday polls:

Tennessee: Santorum +18
Oklahoma: Santorum +21
Virginia: Romney +30

In other words, Super Tuesday may not settle things and while Romney has momentum he has a lot of work to do if he’s going to wrap up the nomination.

Here’s the latest national RCP Averages, Delegate Counts (subject to changes as final MI results come in) and Intrade projections:

Speaker Gingrich will visit the State Capitol this morning, speaking to the House and I assume the Senate also. We’ll keep you up to date as Candidates visit Georgia over the next week.


  1. Baker says:

    If somebody wants to support a pro-Union, conservative in social issues only guy, thats fine. But for Santorum to be up 18 and 21 in TN & OK, Im kind of surprised. As a former TN voter, I wish I was there to vote for Basil Marceux.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Newt is still asking folks to post on their facebook/twitter that Newt is $2.50 gas.
    Sounds like 100% gas and Georgians are buying it, if the polls are close.
    The slimeball crossovers in Michigan failed to derail the Romney train.

    Republicans taking on social causes, abortion and oil prices when the manager of the largest bond fund in the world is going defensive, expecting another worldwide financial crisis, indicates how off-track we are.

    The heavy negative ads in GA are tiring.

    • Charlie says:

      While I don’t think $2.50 gas is sustainable/reasonable, I do think energy independence is a huge issue – and perhaps should be THE huge issue – of this campaign. There is no way you can remove energy prices from a discussion of the world wide economy, and especially, from the U.S. consumer based economy.

      • View from Brookhaven says:

        I’d move that any politician that promises a specific dollar amount in a promise of lower gas prices be shot on sight.

        • John Konop says:

          They only way energy prices will become reasonable is if the few oil companies feel competition from other types of energy. As oil companies increased production here they only exported more oil to the highest bidder ie capitalism. The job of a CEO of an oil company is to give stock holders highest yield on investment, end of story.

          We most have an all of the above approach ie natural gas,wind,solar,nuke,hybrid…….economics 101 lack of real competition hurts consumers.

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