Call for Mike Berlon to Resign as DPG Chairman “Today”

Catherine Smith, a prominent member of the Democratic Party of Georgia, came forward as the author of an email distributed to DPG Chair Mike Berlon, calling on him to resign “today.”

Berlon is accused of all number of ill deeds in his role, including his firing of the fundraising staff, overstepping authority, threatening members of the DPG Executive Board and violating the spirit of his office (that’s my interpretation of some of the charges).

The full email can be read here.

As I said, not only is Smith a bigtimer within the DPG, she was one Berlon’s biggest backers in 2011 and 2007 when he ran for Chair the first time. That this comes a mere 14 months after his election is a perfect reflection of the sentiments toward him, from what I’ve gathered talking to members of the DPG.

If I had to make a prediction, I would say this is probably the first of many calls for his head. The one saving grace is I’m not sure who would step in for him. In my (very limited) talks, no one seems to think there is a replacement who is willing to step in and take over for the mess they will inherit.


  1. SallyForth says:

    A prominent member of the Democratic Party of Georgia???! “a big timer”? In what universe? She is one of a group of people new to the party in the last few years who may sincerely wish to do good, but don’t know how. Certainly, publicly blasting out unsubstantiated accusations against the State Chair is no way to move forward constructively. Dignity, clear-headed concern for solid organization, political savvy for the big picture and how all Democratic public officials will be affected by what you do and say, not publicly airing your dirty laundry, working within your organization to fix any problems…… where are these basic civilities? Not even the GOPers publicly eat their own like this.

    Republicans pay attention — this is what happens when the fringe of your party takes control.

    • Toxic Avenger says:


      Catherine Smith is the 5th Congressional District Chair, sits on the DPG Exec, and has been involved with the Democratic Party of Georgia for years and years. She’s not a newbie by any stretch of the imagination.

      And, as I have been told, the substantiation is coming. It just hasn’t been blasted out yet.

      • SallyForth says:

        T/A, she was elected to the 5th District spot only a couple of months ago (following resignation of the sitting chair) – at that time became a member of the Exec Committee by virtue of that spot. Two months does not constitute any knowledgeable experience in any position, anywhere – that’s a “newbie.” She began attending state party meetings about five years ago – hardly “years and years”. She moved to Georgia about 1996 or so – hardly “years and years” of even living here. She made some political contributions to PACs and stuff since 2004, but her first recorded contribution to the DPG is 2007 – again hardly “years and years.”

        Writing in an email or posting on the internet doesn’t guarantee veracity. Don’t believe everything you read, do a little research on your own and dig for facts. Heck, don’t even believe me – check out anything I say too.

        • Toxic Avenger says:

          I know Catherine Smith personally. I know she was only elected to that position recently, but you’re trying to debate that she’s not a “prominent” Democrat. She is. Anybody within the party would agree with Ed and I. I didn’t say she was going to be the next Governor of Georgia, but when it comes to Party Insiders, she’s among them.

    • suissie says:

      Sally, you reflected my sentiments exactly. The very first thing that crossed my mind was “Catherine Smith? Hmmm never heard of her.”
      Take heart however. “The Fringe” has infiltrated the Republican party too. I suspect that their “fringe” could even be naughtier than ours. If the GOP of Georgia is to survive with any strength, they will end up having public family fights as well. It is very difficult for local Republicans especially to abide “radicalized” leadership in key grassroots positions advancing extremist ideals. I am referring to County Chairs especially. The Democratic Party of Georgia will recover from this. As a Democratic observer from outside the beltway, I know that our boat will right itself much quicker than the other guys.

  2. Calypso says:

    If Berlon gets gone I’m sure Mayor Kelly Kautz of Snellville will hire him as either city attorney or city manager. Both positions are vacant as she has run both off them off in the first four months of her reign of terror.

    She owes Berlon big time as he used to be her boss and was instrumental in getting out the democratic vote in Snellville’s non-partisan city race for Kautz, much to the unsuspecting chagrin of many voters.

    • Andre says:

      Everything (and everyone) must go!

      Incidentally, the next FEC campaign finance report is due March 20. The monthly report for political parties, including the Georgia GOP and the Democratic Party of Georgia, covers the period from February 1st through February 29th.

      We should see how bad a shape Georgia Democrats are in on that date. But for those who can’t wait, the teaser can be found in the January FEC report — 71,595.99 raised, $80,065.82 spent.

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