Just Because Tim Echols Is Paranoid Doesn’t Mean Everyone Isn’t Out To Get Him

Jim Galloway brings us the details that the four members of the PSC not named Tim Shakedown Echols have asked the State Senate not only to pass the bill which would let them choose their own Chairman instead of rotating the postion, but by letting them do that this year, before Echol’s term as Chair is set to expire.

In the past this proposal has not been targeted at any individual person or Commissioner. However, recent events both inside and outside the Commission have [led] us to the conclusion that a change in leadership is needed. We are supporting a change in the current legislation to allow the Commission to elect its chairman by majority vote effective July 1, 2012.

Mr. Echols will no doubt be by soon to tell us that we shouldn’t believe everything we read in the AJC, scream “liberal”, and then invite anyone with concerns to have lunch with him over at the Sloppy Floyd caffeteria, where he will not accept so much as a cup of water from you, but will allow a gratuity of Masters tickets or a generous donation to TeenPAC TeenPact if you are so inclined.


  1. Calypso says:

    TeenPact…isn’t that one of those groups where the kids all pinky-swear not to have sex until they’ve been married (to the opposite sex, of course) for at least a year, or something?

  2. timechols says:

    I am grateful to Senators Buddy Carter, William Ligon, Josh McKoon, Barry Loudermilk, Frank Ginn, and Rick Jeffares for their support today in the Senate Committee.

    • Steve Collins says:

      Just in time for the Masters. I’m sure these Senators will be receiving Masters tickets in the mail shortly.

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Just Because Tim Echols Is Paranoid Doesn’t Mean Everyone Isn’t Out To Get Him”

    But for the purposes of this blog and Mr. Echols’ steadily creeping paranoia, everyone is out to get him.

    Over the years I’ve discovered that intense fear, loathing & paranoia aren’t things to be denied and consoled, but are things to be fed into, stoked and played upon to great effect, usually leading to some kind of climatic public meltdown or emotional breakdown of very high entertainment value (see former House Speaker Glenn Richardson for more details).

    When someone looks like they are on the edge, you don’t push them, you ever-so-gently and slightly nudge them until you get the desired effect.

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