DPG Executive Director Resigns

On Saturday, Democratic Party of Georgia E.D. Page Gleason resigned.

The AJC‘s Jim Galloway has the details here.

Galloway also mentions the 14-month long gap in conversation between DPG chair Mike Berlon and treasurer Russell Edwards, leading to Edwards’ ill-informed statements about the DPG’s fiscal health. If that seems a little long you’d be correct.

But Edwards for the past year or so has been on a largely self-serving mission to save Athens from a Walmart. Setting aside the merits of whether or not Walmart should be in Downtown Athens, Edwards has devoted his time to preventing its opening and been largely absent from other duties he is expected to fulfill. I’ve also been told that in addition to the all-Democratic commission supporting the store, the local NAACP endorsed it as well.


  1. GAPolitico says:

    First off, our commission is not all democrats.

    Second, this mission is not self serving. He is trying to protect our local businesses. He is also actively, ACTIVELY involved in our county party. The are a lot of internal politics going on since out mayor was elected based on republican support.

    BTW, the NAACP also are supporting Doug McKillips maps, you want to hitch your cart to that horse like they did?

    Third, could Russell have done better, maybe. I think upon reflection, we could all improve our performance. But dont you dare come online and talk trash about a great public servant who is trying to protect his community – especially since you have no clue about the scene on the ground.

    • Andre says:

      In this instance, I think Ed hit the nail on the head.

      For several months now, Russell Edwards has been on a quixotic quest to deny new job opportunities in Athens-Clarke County.

      Edwards has launched websites. He’s organized petition drives. Edwards has been fighting against jobs and economic development in his community.

      The NAACP publicly endorsed job creation in Athens Clarke-County. NAACP representative Hope Iglehart told the Athens Banner-Herald, “Clarke County is facing a nearly 40 percent poverty rate.

      “We feel the Selig development will combat that rate by providing jobs.”

      A black business owner in Athens echoed the sentiments of the NAACP.

      Dexter Weaver, the owner of the landmark East Broad Street soul food restaurant Weaver D’s, [says] he supports Walmart because it will bring him customers, and so do many diners, he said.

      “It don’t really bother them,” Weaver said. “I’m a property owner, and I’m for it. The other people don’t live around here. They’re the party of no.”

      So, the situation on the ground in Athens-Clarke County is that blacks, a group of people with an unemployment rate higher than both the state and national average, support job creation and economic development in their community.

      White liberals like Russell Edwards oppose it.

      So answer me this:

      Why is it that white liberals like you and Russell Edwards seem to think you know what’s best for black folks?

      And while you think of a response to that question, explain to me how Democrats can say Mitt Romney is out-of-touch with ordinary Americans when those same Democrats are organizing a $10,000 fundraiser in East Point, Georgia; a majority-black community where most of people who live there can’t cough up the cash to see the President when he comes to town.

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        Hey, Andre. When was the last time you lived in Athens? Because I’m relatively confident that Dustin does and so does Russell.

        Jesus Christ you’re a prick.

      • sunkawakan says:


        I’d be careful about pushing the poverty / fundraiser issue. Seems that the Republican candidates do exactly the same thing.

        Well, perhaps Mittens can give away a “couple of Cadillacs” to the poor?

        • Andre says:

          Mitt Romney does not apologize for being successful, nor should he.

          If fact, Mitt Romney said recently, “If you don’t like me for being ‘successful,’ then vote for someone else.”

          The one thing Mitt Romney has not done though is what Obama and the Democrats plan to do, March 16th; that is holding a $10,000 fundraiser in a community where the number of people living below poverty is higher than the national average, where the household income is lower than the national average, and where the per capita income is lower than the national average.

          Mitt Romney isn’t doing that.

          Obama is doing that. The Democrats are doing that.

          I’m willing to bet a dozen hot, glazed Krispy Kreme donuts that the folks paying big money to see Obama in East Point won’t spend anymore time in East Point than they have to.

          Those folks won’t support the local businesses like the S&S Cafeteria on Campbelton Road or the Oz Pizza on Main Street. They’ll get their picture with Obama, get back into their nice cars, and ride on back to their nice homes far away from the poor folks living in East Point.

          • kyleinatl says:

            You realize there are alot of well to do liberals that live in East Point right? I had latkes at one of their houses a few weeks back.

          • sunkawakan says:

            Let’s see, why don’t we start with Romney’s November 2011 fundraiser in Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s 25% poverty rate is above the national. Mitt Romney did that. Republicans are doing that.

            And I don’t think Romney should be faulted for being successful; his commentary, however, shows he’s out of touch with the majority of Americans. “Couple of Cadillacs,” indeed.

          • bird says:

            Andre, My big problem with your writing is that you don’t care enough to get the facts right or you intentionally misrepresent the truth. Either way is unacceptable.

            The major part of Obama’s visit will be a reception where tickets were being offered for $250 and $500.

            And though I don’t have any dog in the Athens/Wal-Mart fight, Russell can represent himself as he lives in Athens. You are out of bounds stating that Russell claims he knows what is best for black people. He can disagree with the NAACP’s position and represent himself.

            Your hyperbole is sloppy and irresponsible. I hope that matters to you, but I doubt it does.

            • Andre says:


              Most folks in East Point can’t even afford those $250 tickets.

              I live right down the road from East Point. I live in College Park, East Point’s neighbor. I’ve met two of East Point’s mayors. I’ve spent time in the East Point public library. I’ve spent money in the city of East Point.

              For the people in East Point, $250 is grocery money. $250 is the light bill, the gas bill, the water bill. $500 is rent money. Most of the folks in East Point are either low-income wage earners or senior citizens on a fixed income.

              Either way, most folks in East Point cannot afford the $250 tickets to see the President.

              • bird says:

                I guess that means he should have held the fundraiser in East Cobb because the average per capita income is higher and would allow most citizens to buy a $250 ticket?

                Your argument is silly.

                • Andre says:

                  What I’m saying is Obama’s fundraiser is insulting.

                  Obama and his Democrat pals are running around the country, portraying Mitt Romney as out-of-touch with ordinary Americans. It doesn’t get anymore ordinary than East Point, where folks are struggling. Just a few years ago, there was a long line of people waiting to get an application for government rental assistance. That was in East Point.

                  I guarantee you if any of the folks who stood in that long line for a section 8 application were asked if they had $250 to see Obama, they’d say not just no, but hell naw.

                  It’s insulting. It is insulting for Obama to portray his political opponents as out-of-touch, then schedule a high dollar fundraiser that is out-of-touch and out-of-reach for most people in East Point, Georgia, where the fundraiser is being held.

                  • bird says:

                    Actually, it’s Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and their supporters portraying Mitt Romney as out-of-touch.

                    And as you know, the fundraiser is being held at a significant job-creating business in East Point. Your suggestion that President Obama should not hold fundraisers in low-income areas is silly.

                  • Toxic Avenger says:

                    Do….do you not understand politics? Really? Yeah, politicians hold fundraisers. Often. At the presidential level, high dollar.

                    People are portraying Romney as out of touch for comments like “corporations are people,” “my wife drives several Cadillacs,” his 15% tax rate, and that picture of him with money pouring out of his pockets, just to name a few.

                    And you do realize that its being held in East Point because Tyler Perry, a supporter of his, probably offered the space up for free? Are you really that glib?

                    There’s a difference between an attack and a stupid attack.

                    • Andre says:

                      Given the state of the Democratic Party of Georgia these days, I wouldn’t be lecturing anyone on their understanding of politics, tosser.

                    • bird says:

                      TA. Not only is it probably free space. but people would want to attend even more to be inside a movie studio.

                      This attack is inane.

                    • Toxic Avenger says:

                      Oh, I’m sorry. So just because someone is a Democrat, it means they’re stupid, and knows nothing about politics?

                      Adorable. If you only knew me you’d be eating your damn words.

                  • CobbGOPer says:

                    I’d be more insulted by the $38,000-a-plate dinner fundraisers Obama likes to have. That’s a lower middle class yearly salary right there, for one person to have dinner with the President. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to take that money and invest it in something useful? That’s $38,000 that will only return to the economy in the form of attack commercials and gas for Air Force 1.

                    • NoTeabagging says:

                      Who needs fundraisers with Superpacs? All political money is big money these days. Do regular folks really donate to political parties or campaigns anymore? Does it matter in comparison to,the big corporate bucks?

    • CNFPP says:

      Boy this is fun to watch. I guess all that crowing over fundraising going through the roof thanks to the “birther” case was a lot of bunk.

      I will say I have known Page for a number of years now and her loss will be a huge blow for the DPG.

  2. Toxic Avenger says:

    Hey, quick question.

    Does Mike Berlon have a phone? Because last time I checked, the Chairman of an organization does have the responsibility to reach out to his officers.

    All I hear is a bunch of blame coming from Berlon.

  3. ted in bed says:

    I used to think I was worst Non-Profit Treasurer EVAH … But apparently, Russel Edwards is giving me a run for my money.

    In all of my years, never did the President of my group know more about our finances than I did.

  4. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Walmart has a history of destroying small downtowns. Many people would like Athens to remain a walk able, commercially diverse environment that is supportive of life over profit. However, those people are unlikely to be applying for jobs at Walmart. Those that are and the people who represent those people are more likely to be for it. Ignoring questions of govermental restrictions on private property versus the rights of the public, both positions are valid – it makes no sense to demonize the work of someone on either side.

    The same cannot be said for uninformed, self-aggrandizing, and generally uncouth statements and behavior which have gone on far too long.

    • Ed says:

      “The same cannot be said for uninformed, self-aggrandizing, and generally uncouth statements and behavior which have gone on far too long.”

      I was hoping this thread wouldn’t become about me….

      • drjay says:

        where exactly “downtown” is this thing going to be–i can’t imagine it’s gonna be on broad right across the street from campus or anything is it?

          • drjay says:

            meh, i found it on a blog, it’s on e broad, near weaver d’s that is barely downtown (although i was a student 20 years ago, and hav not been back since 1999, so my perspective may be skewed). unless things have changed, that area along broad and college and n. lumpkin and such is a bunch of bars and restaurants and maybe a few shops that cater to students and townies. it’s not like there is a place to grab a gallon of milk on pulaski if you actually live downtown, iirc

    • saltycracker says:

      I always thought that Walmart was evil for selling groceries and stuff to poor folks for 20/30% less that the foreign guy in the corner market. That market guy even gave them a chance to make some bucks gambling on the side. Then Walmart goes and stands behind their stuff, treats those brokeasses as needed customers and even hires a bunch of them.
      We have to do something !

  5. gademinsider says:

    I hear a big part of the problem is the committee, Melanie Goux and several other of her henchman came to the party over the last several years and have ran off the individuals who knew what they were doing. All you have to do is research who are making money off the party.

    Goux owns Campaigns by Design (http://campaignsbydesign.com) and sits on the executive committee.

    I looked at Goux’s company web site, the list of clients are extensive; Mike Berlon for Democratic Party of Georgia Chair, Fulton County Democratic Party, Young Democrats of Georgia, Georgia for Democracy, Georgia WIN list, Georgia WAND, and Stacey Evans just to name a few.

    How many Democrats have felt OBLIGATED to use her firm, ESPECIALLY since she site on the executive committee. CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    Many of her personal friends were also brought onto the committee (CONTROL), Berlon has little authority, its the committee that needs to be purged. RESIGN.

    I make small donations and really did not like to read about new offices, and people on the payroll who should not be. What a mess. I will not be purchasing a JJ Dinner ticket this year unless we have a major change.

    • MelGX says:

      Hi, Melanie Goux here. This is exactly the same comment you posted on the AJC story, and it’s still a lie. All of the work I produce for Democratic candidates and organizations is produced pro-bono. For the slower children, that’s FREE OF CHARGE. This is just one way I enjoy helping people and causes I care about.

      BTW, you obviously haven’t clicked the link you keep spreading around lately. Better luck next time. Thanks for the traffic.

  6. MouthoftheSouth says:

    You think Melanie Goux is making money off of the party? That is beyond insane. If you truly believe that either a) you don’t know how much those services are worth, or b) you’d like to be making money off the party like in times of old.

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