Democratic Party Of Georgia Living Like Real Georgians: Broke And In A Fighting Mood

UPDATED: Letter from DPG Chairman Mike Berlon added below the original story.

…And by “Real Georgians”, I mean living paycheck to paycheck while enjoying celebrated infighting within the family.

Ed posted the initial charges here as reported by Jim Galloway of the AJC.

We’ve now been forwarded the following rebuttal that appears to have been sent to Democratic State Committee Members from Russell Edwards, reading:

It is important for me to respond to information published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that does not accurately reflect the reality of the current situation at the Democratic Party of Georgia.

First, it is false that Chair Berlon and I have not communicated in 14 months. The Chair and I, in fact, have traded many emails, communicated by phone, and have also communicated at official meetings where many of you all have seen us seated at the same table.

With regards to the current state of the DPG’s finances, it is true that the DPG currently spends more than it raises. This unsustainable situation should raise red flags since the DPG’s current cash on hand is $37,230.15, not counting the Senate and House Caucus accounts.

The DPG must meet semi-monthly payroll this Friday of approximately $28,000.00.
The due date of the DPG Visa credit card is tomorrow in the amount of $2,110.00.
The due date of the DPG United Healthcare expense is Wednesday in the amount of $1,414.22.
The DPG also has a bill due to Polical CFO’s this Wednesday of roughly $3,750.00.
Next week, the DPG has a rent payment due for its headquarters of approximately $5,500.00.

The above expenses amount to $40,774.22.

All of this information has been verified by our accounting firm, Political CFO’s.

My forthcoming semi-annual treasurer’s report will shed more light. At last week’s Executive Committee meeting, I pointed out the situation with balance sheets produced by the DPG’s accounting software that I thereafter collected from the attendees considering the sensitive nature of the situation. I have daily access to this system and have been accessing it regularly throughout my tenure as treasurer.

That being said, it’s not as if the present situation cannot change. We have an upcoming Jefferson Jackson dinner for which we have received pledges.

It is important for us, now more than ever, to resist the temptation to engage in public tit for tats and remain focused on the goal of providing strong, admirable leadership for Georgia- the future of our great State depends on it. It is my hope that we can work through this situation and rise stronger than ever.

For my Democratic friends I will at least say this.  Do not worry.  We Republicans fought for decades over things that were far more trivial and somehow still managed to attain super-majority status.  So….well, good luck I guess.

Update: Charman Berlon’s letter to Democrats:

Dear State Committee and Executive Board,

As you already know, our Executive Director Page Gleason resigned her position this weekend.  She has been a valuable Democrat for many years and we wish her well in her future endeavors.

There has been no decision on her replacement. We will set up a Search Committee to find our next Executive Director next      week, and my goal is to have the position filled sometime after our Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in late April.

In addition, I have made some difficult but necessary choices. I take my responsibility to our Party very seriously. In order to      improve our cash flow and streamline our business, I have made several staff changes.   Some responsibilities were re-assigned while a few staff members have been let go of their responsibilities to the DPG.

On the financial front, I have cut almost $160k in overhead and salaries without affecting our ability to provide services.

We are moving forward, boldly. I am convinced that we have enough pledged JJ Dinner sponsorships, ticket sales and other      income to take us forward for the next several months.

These are no easy tasks. I remain committed to the Democratic Party of Georgia and made some tough decisions today. When I was elected, this is what I promised to do; make the business-minded choices to strengthen our Party again.

I appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mike Berlon


Democratic Party of Georgia



    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      They’ve tried that, but it only works for the party in power that controls the purse strings which happens to be the Republicans right now.

      If the Dems ever regain power, they can resume once again selling out to the highest bidder like they often did for when they held nearly absolute power in Georgia for 140 years.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        He only picks up for leftist politicians who have at least a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, which doesn’t include Georgia Democrats at the moment.

        But stick around, as their governing performance proves that Georgia Republicans seem to be bound and determined to leave the door open for the Dems to eventually return to being “competitive” in state politics.

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Everyone who felt the need to switch parties to stay in office so that they can keep the lobbyist money and gifts flowing.

            Why even have an “R” or a “D” in front of the name, why not just put a “P” in front of the name for Politician?

            Or better yet, instead of Republican and Democrat, why not just divide the political system into two parties with names that more accurately reflect the nature of the profession, names like “Slimebags” (SL) and “Scumbags” (SC)?

            Example: U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, SL-Georgia, SC-Virginia, was accompanied to the event by U.S. Senators Rick Santorum, SL-Pennsylvania and Arlen Specter, SC-Pennsylvania.

            Another example: The Slimebags are clearly the lesser of two evils this November in their quest to defeat the Scumbags.

  1. SallyForth says:

    “For my Democratic friends I will at least say this. Do not worry. We Republicans fought for decades over things that were far more trivial and somehow still managed to attain super-majority status. So….well, good luck I guess.”

    So true, Charlie. I hate to break it to the inflated egos in internal membership positions of both parties, but none of ’em really matter beyond collecting qualifying fees to make candidates official. Strong candidates for public office who correctly read prevailing voter sentiments matter. Independent groups and operatives who can manipulate social issues matter. Big money matters (and it’s public record where most of that goes in Georgia the last few decades).

    And did I say Timing?? For 134 years the majority of residents, businesses, etc. in the state of Georgia were native Georgians and traditional Democrats. The last three decades have seen a tilt in the state’s population to ever-increasing numbers of people from outside the South, along with big national corporations ever-expanding here and bringing their political preferences….. and their PACS….. With the overwhelming nonstop p/r campaign year after year, enough native Georgians bought what they were selling, and for now more people cumulatively are voting R. But remember, timing – these same factors can swing back in the D direction……

    Meanwhile, the official Republican and Democratic Parties DO NOT matter… One is the far right, the other is the far left, all stroking their egos. (tonight’s my night for cynicism)

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      The same problem that you run into being a Republican, because it’s not as if borrowing-and-spending is any less harmful than taxing-and-spending.

      • saltycracker says:

        The Republican that leverages up busts himself but the Democrat that taxes up busts everyone.

        Unfortunately. in these modern days both parties are just trying to select the winners and loosers at the taxpayer trough.

        • elfiii says:

          @ Saltycracker – The Republican that leverages up busts himself but the Democrat that taxes up busts everyone.

          Hoo Ha!

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          With a $15 trillion national debt, we’re all just about completely busted as the Dems (and the Repubs) have run out of hated rich people to “tax” (extort) and the Repubs (and the Dems) have run out of malevolent foreign governments to “borrow” from.

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