GOP ads on BFD get even funnier

The GOP ad wars on Blog for Democracy just get funnier and funnier. Now it’s the Romney-supporting SuperPAC “Restore Our Future,” that’s generating revenue for the libs over there.

Both the Gingrich ads earlier this week, and now the Romney-superPAC ads appear to have been placed through Google, but it’s still pretty funny that Restore Our Future is paying to have their anti-Gingrich ad placed (a) on one of the most anti-Gingrich sites in Georgia, and (b) directly next to a story about how much Romney sucks.


  1. saltycracker says:

    The ads say who paid for them. Why not give Newt’s & Mitt’s folks a call and see what they say ?

    • Rick Day says:

      I always wondered why more didn’t execute that strategy.

      I mean, D’s got no one to vote for on March 6 except for some incumbents running unopposed.

      What if every D crossed over and voted for the worse (in this case, Santorum) candidate that matches against their incumbent candidate? Or Vice versa.

      But that would take ‘organization’ and we all know that no one can organize the masses except through brainwashing and propaganda.

  2. saltycracker says:

    If one calls a stealing a free market.

    Crossover voting is a sign of a bankrupt political culture. In the same category as sign stealing, false and negative stories, misrepresentation of real intentions and a reason we are so turned off by what should be one of our greatest privileges. A sick strategy.

  3. You mean you can sell ads on websites now? What a concept! If there were a website (or perhaps one of those “blogs” I keep hearing about) devoted to Georgia politics maybe the owners could sell ads on that website! Hmm, now where would I find a website devoted to Georgia politics?

    • Doug Deal says:

      You should start one Mike and use some kind of nickname for Georgia in the title so as to not sound so lame as Georgia Pundit. BulldogPundit? TheCityToBusyToHateYetSeemsToManageToHateAnywayPundit?

  4. NoTeabagging says:

    I saw a comment by Sallyforth on the “Aim Lower” thread, that pointed out the rather humorous acronym for Blog for Democracy. What were they drinking?

    I propose a counter blogPAC, Where’s The Future… so we can have competition between the BFD and WTF ideologies.

  5. billdawers says:

    That’s a Google Adsense ad — purchased by the advertiser through Google AdWords. Both services are incredibly easy to use, and the website is almost certainly being paid only when there is a click on the ad and not for each page view.

    And users don’t see the same ads; they’re largely dependent on the browsing and search history of the consumer. I’ve had someone remark on the large number of cosmetic ads on my site — I’ve never seen one. A regular reader just this week seemed surprised to see a Restore Our Future ad on my site, but I’ve been seeing them for weeks — and in large numbers.

    Setting up Google Adsense is completely painless and free, although I’m sure a lot of sites that sign up for it never reach the minimum actually to receive a payment ($100 I think). I suspect ads would be really popular on Peach Pundit.

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