Morning Dogs for Thursday, Feb. 23d, plus a little news

Today we’re featuring two Golden Retriver-ish dogs. 22233 and 22235 are both friendly young males and will both be available for adoption starting Saturday, Feb. 25th from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.

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Last week, I advised Daniel Fullerton that he’d probably get more donations for his kidney transplant from Peach Pundit readers if he sends us a picture of himself dressed in a puppy costume. No photo has been forthcoming, but maybe if we help him reach his first fundraising goal today (he needs $80), he’ll see the light.

On Saturday, voters will be able to cast votes in person for the March 6th Presidential Preference Primary.

InsiderAdvantage says that Newt Gingrich holds a slight lead in the Georgia Republican Primary with 26% of the vote; IA shows Romney at 24% and Santorum at 23%, making this poll statistically meaningless.

Yesterday was National Guard Day at the Georgia State Capitol, with Gov. Nathan Deal, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and the Speaker of the House welcoming Georgia National Guard members to the Capitol and their respective chambers. Also attending and honored were family members of Guard members who lost their lives in overseas service to our state and country.

Also celebrated yesterday with a house resolution was “Georgia Tea Party Day.”

Senator Jeff Mullis (R-Extreme Northwest Georgia) has proposed a bill to ensure the legality of reservoirs on north Georgia creeks and rivers and aimed squarely at water from the Tennessee River.

The House Judiciary Committee passed HB 872 by Rep. Jason Shaw (R-Lakeland) a version of a bill designed to make metal theft less attractive by requiring buyers of recyclable nonferrous metals to pay sellers by check rather than cash.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recommended passage of SB 458 by Sen. Barry Loudermilk, which would prevent illegal immigrants from enrolling in Georgia state colleges and universities.

A subcommittee chaired by Rep. Roger Lane (R- Darien) voted against HB 630 by Rep. Karla Drenner to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state code section prohibiting employment discrimination in state and state university employment.

House Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee Chairman Don Parsons has sponsored legislation to raise the amount of solar energy that Georgia Power may buy. “It shows that we in the state of Georgia take alternative energy seriously,” said Parsons.

Senate Bill 401 by Sen Buddy Carter (R-Pooler) would allow property owners to enter into agreements with third-parties to buy solar power but the Senate Natural Resources Committee has no plans to hear the bill this year, effectively killing the measure, which is opposed by power companies. Sen. Carter is attempting an end-run around that Committee by attaching his legislation to another bill that will be heard today in the Senate Regulated Industries Committee.

The Senate Ethics Committee voted against SB 377, which would have required voters signing election petitions to present photo ID.

The Georgia State University Economic Forecasting Center is predicting zero job growth in the state this year, with only one area, Columbus, expected to see net growth. Failures in Georgia’s banking industry likely are contributing to a scarcity of capital for small businesses, depressing job growth.

MSC Roma will become the largest container ship to call at the Port of Savannah this week.



    • Three Jack says:

      John, I agree with you about Santorum the ‘team player’, he bombed bad. His status as non-mitt will be shortlived as a result and hopefully this means the end of his campaign.

      Newt was the big winner as he wisely sat back and let the other 3 candidates pound each other with Paul and his new bff Mitt really taking it to Rick. This may have been Newt’s best debate yet and I believe he will see a significant bump in the polls providing him with the boost he needs to win a few states on Super Tuesday.

      Mitt’s arrogant ‘I’ll answer the question the way I want to’ attitude on the last question really came across badly. It further adds to the picture of a pompous rich guy who has no concept of what it is like in the real world. It was a softball question, ‘what is the biggest misconception about you’. He could have hit it out of the park by addressing the concern that most conservatives have about him, his lack of a conservative record while in office.

  1. racinwithrex says:

    Republican Senator Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga proposed the bill and he admits he doesn’t know how much work it would take to make it happen.

    And people wonder why some of us here in North Ga. just laugh at the fact of proposing a bill that HE doesn’t know how much work it will take to make it happen… Yep, that’s our good ole Jeff Mullis. Let’s just build that rail and carry water to Atlanta!

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    “Failures in Georgia’s banking industry likely are contributing to a scarcity of capital for small businesses, depressing job growth.”

    Highly likely. Community banks do a lot of small business lending for areas not adjacent to Atlanta, i.e. rural. But also for places like Macon, Columbus, Augusta. These banks would have the ability and willingness to give loans to start local small businesses. Bank of America, Suntrust, and the other mega banks basically refuse to make these kinds of loans, at least not in the amounts and at the rates that would be helpful for the small business owners. So when the only options for a local small business owner are BOA and Suntrust (and either being rejected by them for a loan, or being saddled with an outrageously high interest rate), chances are he’s going to pass on that loan to hire a new employee/expand his business.

    So you can thank big banks for contributing to our depressing job growth. Another reason to hate Bank of America (like we needed more reasons).

  3. saltycracker says:

    Geez, what’s next ? Pictures of Fullerton dressed as a puppy, sitting in a Porsche filled with adopt-a-dogs….

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    By the way, as with last week, I’m willing to donate to subsidize the adoption of either of these Goldens.

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