Presidential Wednesday: Let’s Have It On Tuesday This Week

With Super Tuesday finally on the horizon, Presidential Candidates are visiting our fair State. On Saturday Newt Gingrich visited a couple of the GOP’s Mass Precinct Meetings, including the Gwinnett GOP’s meeting in Suwanee.

Newt Gingrich worked with the Clinton administration when Gingrich was U.S. House speaker. He does not see any similarities in the administration of Barack Obama.

Asked Saturday in Suwanee to compare those administrations, Gingrich told Suwanee Patch, “You can’t. … President Clinton had a streak of practicality. He had been a governor … he was used to negotiating with the legislature. … (Obama) tries to dictate everything.”

Gingrich was just as critical of Obama during his speech to about 400 people at Collins Hill High. He criticized what he called “bigotry” and “dishonesty” of the Obama administration.

Rick Santorum meanwhile visited Cumming Sunday night.

Hopefully we’ll see all four GOP candidates back in Georgia before March 6th. Sadly a March 1st GOP debate to be held in Atlanta was cancelled.

How important is Georgia to Gingrich? He seems to be downplaying the stakes by suggesting he could lose the State but then stepped in it a bit by telling Chris Wallace on Sunday Michigan is crucial for Romney but wouldn’t say he’d drop out if he loses Georgia.

BTW, the most recent poll of Georgia (Landmark/RosettaStone) shows Gingrich with a 9 point lead over Santorum.

TV ads are popping up here in Georgia. Restore Our Future (allied with Romney) has reportedly purchased $393,780 of ad time statewide, and could spend up to $650,000 in Georgia. The ads are slated to begin running today. The Red, White and Blue Super PAC (allied with Santorum) will spend $73,000 on TV ads here.

The Winning Our Future Super PAC (allied with Gingrich) will receive another major infusion from billionaire Sheldon Adelson, this time $10 million. Also, Peter Thiel of Pay Pal fame has donated another $1.7 million to Endorse Liberty, Paul’s Super PAC. No word on what these PACs will spend here in Georgia.

Gingrich blames negative ads for low turnout in some GOP primaries and caucuses. Oh those dang Super PACs.

Two States will vote next Tuesday, the last contests before Super Tuesday. Romney holds a five point lead over Santorum in Arizona while Santorum holds the same size lead over Romney in Michigan.

Here’s the latest RCP Average, Intrade percentages and delegate count per CNN.

Finally, the Bad Lip Reading guys are back, taking on Newt and Rick.


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    Apparently IA has a new poll showing Newt only +2 on Romney

    Sounds good to me, but not sure I buy it.

    Towery, explain yourself!

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I tried to google “Rick Santorum, Cumming” and I definitely didn’t get what I expected.

    (All I got were videos of him speaking at some church.)

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