Dirty Trick Flyer Reaches Georgia, Attacks Santorum’s Wife

Last night after Rick Santorum’s appearance at First Redeemer Church I noticed flyers placed on windshields of people’s cars. One was placed on my car as well. The flyer made accusations against Karen Santorum. No group or person claimed authorship of the flyer. Similar flyers showed up in South Carolina prior to the January 21st GOP primary.

I know Presidential politics is blood sport and not much is off limits anymore but really? Attacking a candidate’s wife for something that allegedly happened over 30 years ago? So much for Southern hospitality.


  1. Cassandra says:

    Perhaps this incident is proof positive that anonymity ought to be disallowed for campaign materials. Rep. Jason Carter experienced no less of an egregious practice when he ran for office.

    Ms. Santorum’s private life is well documented. Any organization that chooses to base an attack on Mr. Santorum, ought to be required to state who they are.

    This is a chicken-s*** law and it needs to be revoked.

  2. CNFPP says:

    Federal elections are governed by federal campaign laws which state you must ID the source and that source must be surrounded by a box to further highlight it. They have broken the federal law.

    • Cassandra says:

      Interesting point, CNFPP. I have seen this nonsense on State and Local elections, did not realize the distinction.

      No real way to figure out the culprit, short of 4N6.

  3. I haven’t seen the flier or know the allegations against Mrs. Santorum.

    However, federal election law requiring disclosure is (generally) only triggered when a print piece refers to the election or defeat of a candidate. If this flier didn’t do that, the disclosure law that you refer to doesn’t apply.

    Not sure what the attack was, but sounds sleazy.

    • Three Jack says:

      Google ‘rick santorum wife’ if you want to see the flyer that was distributed in SC…supposedly the same in GA.

      I don’t see the big deal here. His wife got involved with one of the first doctors to open an abortion clinic in PA years ago. She dated an abortion doctor before ever going out with Rick, so what? Her and her husband have both proven to be strong advocates for government intrusion into the private lives of individuals (women) when it comes to sex. The flyer will not discredit this fact.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Speaking of sleazy, this reminds me of your buddy, John Garst, and the racially charged robocall he made in 2008 against Rep. John Lewis. The caller was not identified, and the cryptic caller Id “RS COMM” would not clue in most people to the identity. The AJC outed Mr. Garst as the caller.
      I’m sure Mr. Roundtree will rally to state nothing illegal was done by this ‘personal opinion’ robocall sent to the annoyance of 50,000 recipients. Sleazy, yes.

        • NoTeabagging says:

          Yeah, like the word ‘Buzz’ reminds me of an Illicit Drug Using Loser! 🙂

          I was responding to Mark’s comments, the”Dirty Trick’ headline and your line, “I know Presidential politics is blood sport and not much is off limits anymore” with a little 2008 nostalgia.

          Are you saying my response was out of context?

  4. John Vestal says:

    Attacking Santorum by going after his wife is like attacking Jeffrey Dahmer for not having enough fibre in his diet. Rick has enough negatives on his own….why the need to target his wife?

  5. Cassandra says:

    +Best of Peach Pundit lines, ever:

    “… like attacking Jeffrey Dahmer for not having enough fibre in his diet … “

  6. elfiii says:

    “So much for Southern hospitality.”

    It’s more like “Typical behaviour for damn Yankee carpetbaggers”.

  7. Jane says:

    There are fair attacks and there are things that are unacceptable. Attacking children and spouses is unacceptable.

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