State Rep. Sean Jerguson seeking reelection in HD 21

From the press release:

HOLLY SPRINGS — Representative Sean Jerguson, conservative member of the State House, officially announced today his campaign for re-election to State House District 21.

The new State House District 21 includes Holly Springs, Hickory Flat, Bridgemill and the Arnold Mill and Hwy 140 corridors respectfully.  The newly redrawn district is very similar to Representative Jergusons current district, HD 22, although the number has changed.

“Too much is at stake, our conservative values need a leader that will stand bold in the face of opposition.  I have a track record of standing up for small business and our family values.  As your State Representative, I have used my experience to deliver conservative reforms to cut government spending, lower taxes, and get our families back to work.  The task is not complete, there is much to be done,” stated Jerguson who has spent his childhood & adult life, raised his children, and opened up several small successful businesses in this area of Cherokee County.

Over the last couple years, Representative Jerguson has been extremely successful in co-authoring several small business initiatives that promote a state environment that allows the private sector to develop new jobs.  Jerguson also has sponsored and co-authored meaningful conservative measures such as Zero Based Budgeting, sunsetting state agencies, and preserving Georgians 2nd Amendment  rights.  Sean Jerguson is an effective and conservative State House member for Cherokee County.

State Representative Sean Jerguson (R-Holly Springs), was first elected to the State House in 2006.  Jerguson previously served as a City Councilman in Holly Springs in 2001 where he was the Mayor Pro-Tempore and acting Mayor.



  1. heroV says:

    Wow, amazing post! It’s a repost of Sean Jerguson’s press release! When did peachpundit become prnewswire?

  2. jpmsouth says:

    Until re-apportionment moved us from the 21st to the 20th we were in Rep. Jerguson’s House District. We never worried too much about things like his lapel pin or thread count up here – we were more interested in his listening to us and representing us. He did well…you worry about the minor issues and we will worry about increasing taxation and intrusion into our lives by an ever expanding government. Glad to see he is running again.

  3. ted in bed says:

    I wish he was my state Rep. Every time I’ve met him or seen him around, he has been available to discuss all sorts of issues. He works hard at Representing the interests of his district and the state and is very smart. He is one of the good ones and I wish we had more of people like him.

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