Governor Deal signs HB 675 on Nursing Education

Updated: a couple of corrections have been brought to my attention. First, Secretary of State Brian Kemp was working on the issue of drafting legislation to allow the state nursing licensing agency to recognize military nursing schools well before the media jumped on the story. Second, the drafting error that resulted in this was not part of the

House Bill 675 was conceived after before news reports of the inability of Sergeant Beth Linderborg and other military-trained nurses to receive nursing licenses in Georgia. Sgt. Linderborg was trained as a nurse during her career in the United States Army and was licensed in three other states. A 2009 bill  aimed to prevent holders of online “diploma mill” nursing credentials from being licensed also inadvertantly prevented the state licensing agency’s recognition of military training for nurses.

From the Press Release:

Gov. Nathan Deal today signed legislation to amend a state law that inadvertently excluded some military-trained nurses from a license to practice in Georgia.

HB 675 revises the definition of “approved nursing education programs” for registered professional nurses and licensed practical nurses. Through the passage and signing of this bill, around 150 nursing professionals will now be eligible for employment in Georgia. The bill passed the General Assembly unanimously.

“With the current shortage of healthcare professionals in our state, this bill will provide more opportunity for highly qualified nurses to practice here,” said Deal. “Legislation sometimes has unintended consequences, and no one ever wanted to prevent these professionals from working in Georgia.

“A special commendation goes to Secretary of State Brian Kemp for his dedication to getting these nurses back on the job.”

HB 675 was sponsored by Reps. Sharon Cooper, Buddy Harden, Joe Wilkinson, Stacey Abrams, Ben Watson, Margaret Kaiser and Robert Dickey.

Additionally, the following bills pertaining to reapportionment have also been signed.

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SB 306 [Thomas County Board of Education]