LP Georgia to hold convention next week in Athens

Apologies for the duplicate post (this was posted a couple of weeks ago), but I’ve been asked to put it up once more.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia will host its annual convention on Saturday, February 25th in Athens at the Georgia Center on the campus of the University of Georgia. The day will include some great speakers, including Brian Brawdy, Page Pate, Rich Sullivan, and Jeff Edgens. Package information and details are available here. The business session is free, of course.

LP Georgia will also host a presidential debate, moderated by Sharon Harris of the Advocates for Self-Government, at 3:30pm on the day of the convention. While all candidates seeking the party’s nomination have been invited, here are the confirmed participants:

The Libertarian Party’s nominee will be chosen at the national convention in Las Vegas in May.


    • Charlie says:

      If Rick Santorum is the GOP nominee, and Gary Johnson is the LP nominee, I would be willing to consider a small wager that the LP vote will be more than 2%.

        • I Miss the 90s says:

          …maybe. Mickey Mouse will still beat whomever the Libertarian Party nominee ends up being. It is a party for losers in the political process.

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          Really surprising to hear on a right-leaning blog. I’m not excited about this upcoming primary and election (kinda reminds me of 2010’s Gubernatorial primaries and election) , not really paying attention lately either, and I’m certainly not voting for Santorum, but I would think that he would receive a lot of votes in GA. But maybe I’m totally offbase.

          • Charlie says:

            He will. Huckabee won Georgia after all.

            That doesn’t mean Santorum is electable. But if Gingrich were to futher implode, Santorum could end up doing very well in the primary here. And very, very poorly in a general election.

              • Three Jack says:

                I will definitely be in the 2%+ category with a Santorum or Romney nomination.

                At this stage with 4 candidates nobody likes, the GOP better focus on making sure it retains the house while getting a majority in the senate. One thing is absolutely for sure, America will elect a moderate/liberal president this year beacause there are no fiscal conservatives in the field. The best we can hope for is a counter balance in Congress.

      • Engineer says:

        Like I said in the past on this blog, if Santorum, Romney, or Newt is the candidate (especially if it is Santorum), I’ll be in that 2%+.

  1. SallyForth says:

    @Charlie, you are so right. If Gingrich or Santorum get the nomination, Repubs will be handing Obama a shoo-in for November. Their catering to the far-right 20% of voters turns off everybody else. Plus Newt has gone flat lunatic on this moon colony thing….

    Can anybody tell me what the Libertarian Party stands for (beyond governing ourselves), or do I have to study it myself?

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      You should probably check it out for yourself. Everyone here, including myself, will give you biased answers.

      Just like other partisans, libertarians come in different stripes. Most are right-wing, but a few are more liberal. All in all, they tend to want the United States to be a third-world country.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Heh. Third world countries are usually the ones with highly centralized powers vested in governments ruled by one/few key figures, supported by masses of fearful people ready to offer their unquestioning loyalty in order to defend themselves against propaganda-generated threats.

        In other words, people who mind their own business (libertarians) and think for themselves are far LESS likely to cause our decay into 3rd-world-status than, well, . . . republicrats.

  2. Harry says:

    Do you guys understand the philosophical connection between social conservatives and libertarians? If not, just let me know and I’ll explain it.

    • Three Jack says:

      Please explain Harry. First I would like to know why you define your beliefs as ‘social conservative’. You advocate more government regulation to control our most personal decisions, i.e. marriage, sex, etc. How is that a conservative principle? Seems to me you and others who want to dictate lifestyle choices with government acting as the enforcement mechanism are big government social liberals.

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