BrookhavenYES to hold reception with Congressman Tom Price

Congressman Tom Price will be the guest at a reception for BrookhavenYES on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 from 4-6 PM at Pub 71, located at 4058 Peachtree Road in the area formerly known as Brookhaven.

Joining Congressman Price will be State Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Ashford), Rep. Tom Taylor (R-It’s still called Dunwoody, I think), Senator Fran Millar, 6th District GDOT Board Member Brandon Beach, Mayor Mike Davis of Dunwoody, Mayor Joe Lockwood of Milton and Evan Galambos, Mayor of Sandy Springs and the Mayors of Chamblee and Johns Creek.


  1. South Fulton Guy says:

    Interesting dilemma we want to be a municipality, but is the name of the municipality more significant than the desire to be a city?

  2. Andre says:

    All this hippity hoopla over a name; the City of Chattahoochee Hills, in south Fulton, was originally incorporated as the City of Chattahoochee Hills Country. The governing authority for that municipality passed a resolution changing the name to Chattahoochee Hills in 2008.

    The point is don’t let the cosmetic questions like what are we going to call our new city, or where will city hall be located, get in the way of local control over local issues.

    The alternative, having a bunch of county commissioners who don’t even live in your community making decisions about your community, is far worse.

  3. Cloverhurst says:

    Speaking of county commissioners- I think after the GOP takes over the local delegation in Fulton you are going to begin to see a county government that works hand in hand with all of the cities.

    Should be exciting.

  4. objective says:

    no objection to local control, but the deal with DeKalb- in terms of park land purchases, for instance- needs to be fair.

      • bgsmallz says:

        And DeKalb has been really taking care of their investments, too.

        Total net expenditures for the 249 acres of parks in the city of Brookhaven is $480,000.

        That is out of a total parks budget in the county of $14.2 Million. (which is down from a ‘budget’ …if you can even call it that…of $22.4M in 2008). And we aren’t talking capital expenditures from the park bonds (of which, I’m not sure how many of those projects have been in north DeKalb)…those are service and operational numbers.

        Here is some perspective. The county has $612,525 committed to the two county golf courses to cover costs that aren’t covered by player fees.

        For the non-faint of heart…page 143 in the DeKalb “budget”..

        The county spent 480K on what are very popular and well used parks in Brookhaven last year, yet is budgeting $612,525 to subsidize two golf courses on the south end of the county?

  5. objective says:

    i would be very interested in reading a breakdown of tax dollars as paid by the area residents and distributed to the area.

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