10th Annual “REAL State Of The Union” Tonight

OK, so the perspective of panelists Jay Bookman and Andisheh Nouraee may be a bit “different” than most of our readers, and I would doubt that many could find Euclid Avenue without the aid of a GPS.  That said, both gentlemen are folks who I usually find interesting and if you are looking for a political twist to your Friday evening activities, here’s an opportunity:

Hear author and Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist Jay Bookman’s annual take on the state of American politics – highlighting issues the main stream media doesn’t. Local writer, political satirist and co-author and illustrator of “Americapedia: Taking the Dumb Out of Freedom”, Andisheh Nouraee, will then  respond before Bookman opens the floor to the audience for a Q & A.

The event begins at 7:00pm at 7 Stages, 1105 Euclid Ave, Atlanta GA 30307.  I will be delivering the Republican response (in a RINO dialect, no doubt) from an undisclosed location over many, many beers.