Westmoreland For NRCC Chair?

Our friend Baker from That’s Just Peachy (the site you should check every morning AFTER you see our Morning Reads) directs me to these words from Roll Call   regarding Westmoreland’s potential leadership role after the 2012 elections (and presumably, after handily defeating any challengers).

The man in charge of redistricting for House Republicans this cycle will be able to boast several successes if he runs for NRCC chairman next year. The maps were stacked in his favor, but Westmoreland has done a solid job overseeing the once-in-a-decade process — and, as a result, he now knows almost every House district inside and out.

The Georgia lawmaker has leadership ambitions and has shown an interest in NRCC top slots. Before his current job, he served as recruitment chairman for the committee.

Westmoreland would also bring a different personality to the table than the aforementioned choices. His brash and frank speaking style is punctuated by his Southern drawl. Yet even his detractors can’t argue with his experience and track record with the committee.

That’s a decent amount of respect coming from the Capitol Hill watchers at Roll Call.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Eight years ago I never would have thought this possible. But good for Westmoreland. He’s turned out to be a better Congressman than I ever thought he would be.

    If he wins the chairmanship, I predict he’ll be a serious contender for Majority Leader in the next two or three terms.

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