Westmoreland Draws Primary Opposition In GA-3

I’ve been saying since the 2010 elections that the TEA Party energy – and entropy – would likely be directed at incumbent Republicans in the 2012 cycle as much if not more so than Democrats during the 2012 cycle.  We already have Michael Opitz (R-John Oxendine’s biggest cheerleader) challenging Phil Gingrey in GA-11.  Now comes word that political newcomer Kent Kingsley will challenge Congressman Lynn Westmoreland in GA-3.  Should give Westmoreland a decent excuse to dust off his fundraising apparatus if nothing else.

Kingley’s press release is after the fold.

Kent Kingsley of Milner, Lamar County,Georgia, has filed the required paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run for Congress in the Third District. Kingsley is a former Chairman of the Lamar County Commission, former high school & college teacher, and holds a B.A. & M.A. in Political Science.

Kingsley retired from the Army in 1996 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His career as an Infantry officer included serving in the first Gulf War & assignments in Panama, South Korea & Germany, as well as stateside. His awards and decorations include the Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman’s Badge and Master Parachutist’s Badge. His service follows in the patriotic footsteps of his father and grandfather.

Kent has been married to his wife, Joy, for 40 years; they are small business owners managing a real estate brokerage and a small family farm. Kent serves as the Broker at Traditions Realty with 5 Realtors. In addition to Kent’s wife Joy, his family consists of two grown children, Kristin and John, a son-in-law, Brennan Roney and grandson, Cooper. His dad, Ralph Kingsley, is 90 years young and lives close by in Barnesville.

Kingsley has pledged to the voters of the third district to work day and night to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, to produce tax reform by enacting the Fair Tax, and pass Federal Term Limits for members of Congress. Kent is not the status quo candidate. He believes our country and Congress are off-track; as evidenced by Congress’ 13% approval rating. Enacting these three measures will improve the economy, help end the stranglehold of career politicians in Congress, reduce lobbyist influence, and begin to restore fiscal sanity to America. Kingsley is a true Conservative and Constitutionalist who is committed to upholding our American values of faith, family & freedom.

Kent also believes that a Congressman should be visible in the district and accessible to the voters. He has pledged to hold at least 26 town hall meetings each year, two in each of the 13 counties in the third district.



  1. Charlie-

    Thank you for posting my press release today. Some of your comments were misleading. I am not a TEA Party candidate, though I attend the Mid-GA TEA Party meetings and helped organize a “TEA Party” in Barnesville. I welcome TEA Party support, as well as the support from anyone or any group. I think I am far from a “political newcomer”, I was the first republican county commissioner (county wide) chairman ever in Lamar County. Won a primary and lost a general election by 72 votes for state representative in a very democratic district in 2002. I have been County Republican Chairman several times, and on the Republican State Committee for years. I ran Newt Gingrich’s campaign in Lamar in 1976, Dylan Glynn’s in 2004 and helped Huckabee in 2008.

    You may not know me, but go to kingsleyforcongress.com and contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss the issues with you. I’m running for Congress for two reasons; I think Congress is broken and because my life experiences and leadership would result in better representation for the district. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. jiminga says:

    Regardless of the outcome, the challenge to Westmoreland will be good for the voters. His record is good, but not pristine, and I look forward to having some sunshine on both records their records.

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