Ninth District GOP Congressional Race: The Financial Positions

The new Ninth District is in the midst of a GOP primary race that have four contenders going against each other: Rep. Doug Collins (R-Gainsville), conservative talk radio host Martha Zoller, Jackson County Commission Chairman Hunter Bicknell, and newly announced entrant Clifton McDuffie.

Here are a few numbers for you folks to mull around in your noggin from the Gainesville Times:

4th Quarter of 2011:

Rep. Doug Collins: $57,499 in contributions plus a $15,000 personal loan

Martha Zoller: $59,550 in contributions

Jackson County Commission Chairman Hunter Bicknell: $13,359

Clifton McDuffie has announced intentions on running for Congress, but hasn’t filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, so no numbers are available yet.

The more interesting thing to see is that Rep. Collins has more cash on hand than Ms. Zoller does: $114,268 vs. $19,368, respectively according to the FEC.  Chairman Bicknell had $6,499 on hand according to his report.

Based on the cash race, both Doug and Martha could be considered the front-runners in the race.  Take the numbers and make predictions as you wish.  The primary is July 31st.



  1. Ron2008 says:

    Pretty pathetic for a congressional race. Doug only raises 50k and his burn rate is pretty bad. $3500 a month to a first time campaign manager? And Martha, well she might as well stick to the radio with only 20k. Maybe she could run for city council with that money. Also why does she have a tea party leader on her payroll?

    Anyone with their own private money could come swoop in and win this race if they wanted to.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    I thought Mr. Deal was supposed to be helping Mr. Collins’ fundraising? Where’s all the money that was supposed to rain down on him?

    As for Zoller, I can’t imagine what they’re spending their money on at this point, unless she’s just forking it all over to Joel McElhannon’s bank account. Talk about a useless consultant.

  3. drjay says:

    how does “not being able to fundraise during the session”? work if they recess for a week or two lke they just did are they still “in session” ?if someone sends a check, do they have to send it back, or can they just wait until th e ledge adjourns and deposit it then?

  4. ricstewart says:

    I would have expected a lot more money in the 9th district.
    Here’s what it looks like in GA-12:
    Barrow: $900,000
    Rick W. Allen: $271,675 ($204,000 on hand)
    Wright McCleod: $134,642 ($130,000 on hand)
    Lee Anderson: $140,182 (about $80,000 on hand)
    Maria Sheffield: none reported

    This is a very different picture than the 2010 or 2008 races in the 12th. Naturally, people are more likely to donate if they think a Republican has a chance to win, but I’m surprised at the difference in two years — especially considering that Chatham County is traditionally one of the most generous counties per capita when it comes to campaign contributions and they’re no longer in the district.

    • Calypso says:

      Unless I’m mistaken with either the original post or your reply, the figures shown above for C-9 are only what was raised in Q4 2011.

  5. Starker says:

    It looks like Collins cannot fund raise like the big insider he was suppose to be. Im surprised the leadership isnt opening up their checkbooks to get deeper in the cash. If you go on Marthas disclosure it looks like all her money is coming out of state or out of district. My guess to why the money is down is there is no opposition from the Dem. side so no one really wants to get involved. Someone else also saw that she had a tea party person on her payroll and if I am not mistaken a GOP chairman out of White county.

  6. Howard Roark says:

    Martha’s money along with her campaign manager is from out of the district. I believe her campaign manager is from New Orleans. As for the drain on her account Joel has quite a reputation for draining campaign accounts. While I have no desire to see where the money was spent it can be tracked.

  7. seekingtounderstand says:

    Due to the high level of corruption in Hall County, this is the year for any outsider to take it all.
    Martha will win because she is the only person running against Collins record.

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