Former Democrats United In Athens Area GOP Primary

Former Governor Sonny Perdue has taken a break from Go Fishing Yourself  Checking In On His Family That He Appointed To “Oversee” The Port Of Savannah political retirement to endorse Doug McKillip in the GOP primary.  The two have a special bond, as Perdue once served as Senate Majority Leader as a Democrat, and McKillip spent a few hours as House Minority Leader before hearing that the GOP caucus had cookies.

The Athens Banner Herald has the deets:

“McKillip is a man of deep faith and (a) sincere conservative,” Perdue said in a news release. “He is the Republican I trust to represent our conservative values in Atlanta, and I am proud to endorse him in his re-election.”

Perdue, who led state Senate Democrats before becoming Georgia’s first Republican governor in 130 years, praised McKillip’s 2010 party switch during a talk last week at the University of Georgia, calling it “courageous.” McKillip crossed the aisle just weeks after House Democrats elected him their No. 2 leader.

“I am proud to have the support of Governor Perdue,” McKillip said. “Sonny knows first hand the importance of faith in our lives. He knows like I do that it is up to us, through our hard work and conservative values, not the government, to turn this state and our economy around. I thank him for his support.”

This is what democracy one party rule looks like.



    • ugadog says:

      When Georgia elects a Republican Governor that hasn’t switched parties, please let Doug know so he can get that endorsement too.

  1. elfiii says:

    Gee, I guess 130 years of “one party rule” by the Democrats was OK but a decade or two with the Republicans in control is insufferable.

    Not defending Perdue.

    • Charlie says:

      No, just more of the same. Making a lot of us question why we put so much effort during the 80’s and 90’s into flipping the labels so we could just continue business as usual.

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