Morning Reads for Monday, February 6th

Here in Georgia…
– The messy GOP primary is coming to Georgia.
– Today is the last day to register to vote for the March 6th presidential preference primary. You can find the relevant forms here.
– Your property tax bill may go up as local tax assessors will be allowed to raise property values this year.
– Secretary of State Brian Kemp says that the anti-immigration bill passed last year could delay the issuance of new state licenses.
– Speaking of Georgia’s anti-immigration law, the $18.6 billion FY 2013 budget proposal has money dedicated to farmers that have been hit by the loss of farm workers.
– The supplemental budget has cleared the House.
– The Falcons’ new football stadium may include a retractable roof.
– The state House is set to roll out their ethics bill.

National stories of interest…
– At new study from the Cato Institute shows that guns save lives.
– Tim Tebow may consider politics once his football days are done.
– The AFL-CIO will protest CPAC on Friday.
– Don’t expect a budget from Congress until at least next year.
– Mississippi is the most conservative state, according to Gallup. DC is the most liberal.
– Rosanne Barr will seek the Green Party’s presidential nomination.
– According to the Times, the 2016 presidential race is already underway.
– Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a fan of the regulatory environment in Washington.
– James Pethokoukis looks deeper into the recent jobs numbers.
– Despite all the claims of capitalism’s failures, Sheldon Richman explains that we do not have a free market economy in the United States.

A few that I like…
– Ever wondered how Facebook makes its money?
– Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes or booze.
– Here are 10 tax tips to help get a bigger return.


  1. Bridget says:

    Good morning, Jason. Any reason why you don’t click the “open link in another window” box when you add hyperlinks? I like to click all the articles I’m interested in at one time instead of reading and then clicking the back button. Yes, I can control-click. I’m more wondering if it’s a habit of your’s not to click that box when posting or if it somehow adds load time to the page?

    • Jason says:

      I’m really pressed for time when I do these in the morning, so I’m not going to go through each link and add proper code to make them open in a new page. Most browsers have the ability to open a page in a new tab if you right click on the link.

      • Bridget says:

        Fair enough. When I post things to my page, I do make them open in another page; I’m just trying to figure out if it slows down the page loading. I’ll google it – just thought I’d ask if you knew off the top of your head. Happy Monday.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Cheery way to start the day with an overload of craziness…..
    Romney & Newt to square off with fodder for the Democrats…
    Whining over illegal immigrant controls (HB87) from delays in processing licenses to unnecessary budgeting for farm aid.
    State revenues are increasing and the legislators find more ways to favor it out.
    Ethics reform talk continues so in lieu of redoing the tax code we prefer more insight into how the lobbyists dole out their money.

    Pethokoukis is correct that the definitions are flawed in jobs and unemployment. He might have misdefined them too. The nearly 4 million disappeared in the labor force do not necessarily add to the unemployment if identified. From an empirical view in our daily activities we encounter more folks flying under the radar, working and/or collecting unemployment, earning and consuming, than we do the “unemployed.” Find a way to count the “off balance sheet”.

    “Poor”or “hungry” or ‘needy” are other nebulous terms. A compassionate society with finite funds would get them ID’d right as opposed to an open door policy.

  3. drjay says:

    well if they are going to build a new stadium, i would certainly hope that it would have a retractable roof, really no point doing it otherwise is there?

  4. AMB says:

    Such a deliberate misunderstanding of Mr. Obama’s message. Why does Youssef have a tax exempt status again?

      • saltycracker says:

        P.S. I don’t know youseff’s standings as a biblical scholar but I do believe Obama would be a poor choice for interpretation.

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