Will PSC Member Tim Echols Face Re-election This Year?

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols posted on Facebook this morning that the PSC redistricting bill had been dropped in the hopper and will force him to run for re-election this year, rather than in 2016. He has since deleted the post.

I looked at the bill and it does appear to force Echols (District 2) to run for re-election this year, rather than 2016, at the end of his term. Correspondence with the sponsors of the bill reveals no intention to change the election dates of any member. Rather than some conspiracy by State Senators against Echols, I suspect it’s just a drafting error by Legislative Counsel.  Here’s the section from SB 382 that is ruffling feathers:

(d) The first members of the commission elected under this Code section shall be elected thereto on the Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 2000 2012, from Public Service Commission Districts 3 and 5, shall take office on the first day of January immediately following that election, and shall serve for terms of office of six years and until the election and qualification of their respective successors. Those members of the commission elected thereto on the Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 2002 2014, from Public Service Commission Districts 1 and 4 shall take office on the first day of January immediately following that election and shall serve for terms of office of six years and until the election and qualification of their respective successors. The member of the commission elected thereto on the Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 2004 2012, from Public Service Commission District 2 shall take office on the first day of January immediately following that election and shall serve for a term of office of six years and until the election and qualification of his or her respective successor.  All future successors to members of the commission whose terms of office are to expire shall be elected at the state-wide general election immediately preceding the expiration of such terms, shall take office on the first day of January immediately following that election, and shall serve for terms of office of six years.

I believe it would have been more prudent for Commissioner Echols to contact the sponsors of the bill, Sens. David Shafer and Charlie Bethel, first to make sure it was their intent to have him run again in 2012 rather than take his beef to Facebook and making accusations of members of the legislature conspiring against him.  There was a bill proposed last session that would have allowed the PSC to elect its own chairman rather than have the chairmanship rotate among the Commission’s members.  The bill was defeated, and Echols said this week in the Commission that the defeat of the bill amounted to a legislative vote of confidence in him being Chairman of the PSC.  He challenged the rest of the Commission to bring the bill up once again and said that he would get even more votes this year than he did last year.

His reaction to SB 382 via Facebook all but guarantees that the legislature will pass legislation to allow the Public Service Commission to elect it’s new Chairman.


  1. Never let a typo get in the way of an opportunity to be paranoid.
    Not sure, but I believe that you can’t undo an election (ie, shorten anybody’s term of office) with legislation.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Echols thinks it incredible someone wants him out of outside. New flash—It’s not someone, but anyone that disapproves of public officials using public office for shakedowns for officials’ personal gain thats wants Echols out of office.

    Representative Scott Holcomb was told to his face that those doing the redistricting didn’t know where a member of the General Assembly lived when first shown his district before the new districts being made public. His district wasn’t changed.

    Echols need not worry though. I expect in Echols’ case his district will be changed. He’ll be protected by the Georgia’s primary redistricting policy that redistricting protect incumbents that further partisan power.

  3. timechols says:

    I have talked with both Senators, and Commissioner Wise, and all assure me this is a typo from Legislative Counsel and it will be cleared up first thing next week. I love campaigning, but this summer is too early even for me. My blood pressure has gone back to normal and all is well.

  4. Jane says:

    1. When has be ever successfully shaken anyoen down?
    2. As the only PSC member who is not in the pocket of the utilities, he is probably the most honest one there.

    • capitolaccess says:

      The successful shakedown artist’s club meets at Taco Mac the third Thursday of the months, right after the successful serial killer’s club and before the successful bank robber’s club. Please keep in mind, we are aware of his unsuccessful shakedowns. I’m not sure how many people and companies are going to come clean on the successful shakedowns, such as, tickets, gifts and TeenPact contributions given to Echols in exchange for his “protection.”

      This demonstrates the gullibility, naiveté, and plain stupidity the typical member of the Echols-Oxendine club possesses.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      Echols, That “lib’ur’al media” crap isn’t going to work. The fact is you tried to hardball some of the most powerful people in the country into giving you free masters tickets, it, ofcourse didn’t work and you came out looking like a fool. Don’t try to squirm your way out of this one, just accept that neither you nor your office is as powerful as you wished it was.

    • jim2011 says:

      So true, so true. Don’t let the liberals continue to promote lies about you. Don’t lose track of the ultimate goal.

      • Charlie says:

        If the ultimate goal is whoring out volunteer kids for five figure monthly consulting fees, then I doubt Tim will ever lose track of it.

  5. jim2011 says:

    Tim Echols is going to be Governor someday. He’s smart as a whip and the only statewide elected official willing to get out and meet the people. Tim has some great ideas on expanding solar power in Georgia. He is very well respected at the Legislature. He’s also become their go-to guy when it comes to alternative energy. A few weeks ago he hosted a solar / natural gas symposium at the Capitol where over 40 legislators, from both parties, attended.

    He is also the only Georgia elected official willing to pay for a natural gas car. He serves as an example for alternative energy.

    He’s a real conservative. We need more people like Tim. Get to know him better, mark my words, he’ll be Governor after Nathan Deal.

    • Charlie says:

      Dear Lord, the John Oxendine mafia never loses a talking point. Those first two sentences were straight from the same cut and paste crap we had to endure until Oxendine finally “raised his stature” enough that everyday Georgians could see the full picture of the 16 year shakedown that was his political career.

      Hopefully, 6 years or less will be all we have to endure with his protege charlatan.

      • Three Jack says:

        Scary thing is, jim2011 may be right. Deal rolled in with excessive baggage but still managed to cloak his ethical challenges long enough to get elected. These holier than thou hypocrites seem to always find a way to win, so it is quite possible Georgia may find itself under the leadership of an even more despicable person than the current governor or his predecessor.

  6. timechols says:

    There was never any shakedown. Augusta National kindly provided info about the limo drop off area across from the main gate in the plaza, and limo certifications were going to be checked by the Dept of Public Safety after they dropped off their passengers so no one would be inconvenienced. Reporters never did that fact-checking before their conclusions were reached, and other reporters wound up just repeating the original story without doing their own reporting and fact-checking. I guess that is understandable given how tight the budgets are for newspapers these days. Most Peach Pundit readers and others assumed that the AJC had it exactly right.

    • capitolaccess says:

      Your response might actually be believable, except you left out the fact that there is a letter, from you, on official State of Georgia stationary, asking for the tickets. The taxpayers of Georgia funded your shakedown.

      Why else would you request tickets for a sporting event, on State stationary, in conjunction with busting their transportation, if you were not trying to pressure them? I guess as long as they don’t give you a glass of water, everything is okay.

  7. capitolaccess says:

    Since you obviously monitor the Peach Pundit, I’d like to ask you a question: who is paying for a billboard on I-85, by the Airport, that has to be one of the most expensive in the State of Georgia, with a picture of you on it?

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