Supreme Court decision due Monday in Cardinale v. City of Atlanta Open Meetings case

The Georgia Supreme Court will announce Monday at 8:30 am its decision in the case of Cardinale v. City of Atlanta et. al. At issue is whether “Committee Briefings” must be advertised and open to the public under Georgia’s Open Meetings statute.

Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olens, through his office, notified the City Council that the closed briefings violated the Open Meetings Act.

Matthew Cardinale, editor of Atlanta Progressive News, sued the City Council and took the case to the Supreme Court, arguing for himself.

Peach Pundit’s publication of internal City of Atlanta memoranda from counsel helped prevent the City of Atlanta from obtaining an injunction against APN publishing the documents.

Remember, folks, the First Amendment protects all of us from overreaching government, as do the Georgia laws requiring Open Meetings and Open Records.

If you value open government, you might consider donating to the Atlanta Progressive News, who footed the bill for Cardinale’s defense of open government for all Georgians.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Who among us would have:

    1. spent hours, days and months sitting in boring ass meetings at city hall
    2. Self schooled on The System™ and recognizing a major faux paus
    3. Called the city to task, failing that, filing suit
    4. Going before a judges without a law degree arguing constitutional issues
    5. Be undaunted by bottomless resource legal department pushed appeal and arguing before SCOGA alone on an issue that would affect us all?

    Just some run of the mill gay dude from Midtown with a political philosophy so toxic to the current paradigm, that ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ fearfully mock.

    *two diva snaps in the face of those who judge his lifestyle hell burnt*

  2. Gray says:

    I have disagreed with Matthew in the past over a couple of issues. But he is both brave and smart and has taken quite a journey over the past few months. Congrats, MC, regardless of what happens in court.

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