Patrick Millsaps named Chief of Staff for Gingrich campaign

Patrick Millsaps, former Chairman of the State Ethics Commission and a partner at Hall Booth Smith & Slover, has been named Captain Chief of Staff of the S.S. Titanic Gingrich presidential campaign.

According to Fox News:

His new title isn’t a shake-up. It’s part of the campaign’s efforts to beef back up staffing and campaign structure post-Iowa. Newt 2012 is still very much run by the candidate, but Gingrich has broadened his cadre of advisers. In addition to making sure the trains run on time, Millsaps will help with messaging as the race expands to multiple states. His promotion comes as the campaign prepares to challenge Florida’s “winner-take-all” delegate allocation – so far, the state’s 50 delegates were awarded to Mitt Romney.



  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Did he resign? It doesn’t bode well for Newt that his campaign is struggling for money, and his new Chief of Staff Millsaps couldn’t bring himself to publicly advocate for increased funding for the Ethics Commission.

  2. John Konop says:

    I would give the guy a break. This is a big time job and I hope it helps him in the future. I do not know Pat, but I hope it is good learning experience he can parlay into something. Good luck Pat!

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Was any official Ethics Committee action ever taken on the various complaints lodged against the Deal Gubenatorial campaign? The complaint about Ralston’s $17,000 junket has been pending a year without any Ethics Committee action.

      Give the guy a break when he accepts a 100% partisan political job to escape his benign neglect of his public duty as Ethics Commission Chairman? A year or two as Chairman and he still doesn’t know that appearances matter. He’s parleyed not addressing Ethics complaints concerning powerful politicians to a new partisan power job and payday.

      On second thought, maybe he is the kind of guy that will fit in well in the Gingrich campaign.

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