Suck It Birthers, Obama Eligible For Georgia Ballot

Breaking news without more details, but what more do you need?  Anyone with a brain has known that Obama will appear on Georgia’s ballot since he decided to run for re-election.  I’m hearing the administrative law judge agrees.

I’d promise to update with more details as they come in, but seriously, I ask again, why do you need more details?



  1. saltycracker says:

    Puts a lot of pressure back where it belongs, on the voters, to get ‘er done & send him home, whereever….

  2. Three Jack says:

    Time for the birthers to move onto the next target…get your papers in order Marco Rubio, a band of kooks is likely headed your way if you are the VP pick.

  3. Andre says:


    I have a request.

    Don’t waste one more kilobyte of internet broadband on the “birther movement.”

    There are more relevant things to talk about than that.

    • SallyForth says:

      or possibly working on another petition, this time for a default judgment? The right-wingers have to occupy themselves somehow – it’s not like they have a primary race going on or anything more important to do than beating a dead horse.

      • CNFPP says:

        It’s funny that if they had simply motioned for a default judgment that the judge would have been pretty much forced to give it to them. Sometimes knowing when you shouldn’t talk in court is more important than knowing what to say in court.

        I saw in my email that one of the attorneys filed a motion for contempt. That would have to be handled by a Superior Court judge.

    • CNFPP says:

      As I said in another post on the subject, the Dems (or GOP for that matter) can take the process internal and nominate via party convention. That would also save a lot of taxpayer money. Personally, I think there should be a law that says you have to do it that way if you have only one candidate. However, in Cobb, they are also voting Sunday Sales for the County so there is a reason for every voter in Cobb to come out on March 6.

      Hint, Hint Buzz.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        @CNFPP. Great idea, since Dems and GOP have removed ‘the people’ from having a real say in legislation. They don’t need our money anymore. Why not remove us from the pre-electoral process too? Power to the Party! Maybe this would eliminate the two year campaign in the media, a few less months of negative ads, robocalls, and street spam. And maybe it would see the rise of the Independent candidate.

        • CNFPP says:

          Get over it NTB. I said if there is only one candidate on the ballot. You can’t write in another suggestion. Heck, if we took the whole process internal regardless of the number of candidates, it would be the same process they do in numerous other states. Convention or caucus.

          How many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are spent to print up absentee ballots, run polling locations, pay to program the voting ballot software, etc so people can come and punch a screen or fill in a bubble for Obama and just Obama. Same thing in 2004 with Bush.

          But I guess the money is worth it so you can feel good about voting for the only person on the ballot. No wonder this nation is in the economic shape it is in.

  4. c_murrayiii says:

    Sadly, this will not shut birthers up. They will find another way to sound crazy. Have you heard the rumor Obama’s is really Malcolm X’s son.

  5. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    I don’t really care what the democrats or any of you think about the Birthers. They have a tad more bricks in place than the Occupy movement ran out of the White House that was a total laugh. The fact that a contributor made and issue out of it shows there was little to post. The mean value of calling people “idiots” is right off the democratunderground page. It is an election cycle and I think any mud is good mud and when the republicans leave the convention, watch the Obama mud start .

    Someone should make public Obama is a member of the Taliban. That he kicks cats. Hell, make the claim his mother is white. That ought to piss the liberals and MSNBC off.

  6. It took over 24 hours, but I finally got an email in my Legislative account from a birther. I’ve been getting almost one per day in the last few weeks. Here’s how it began:

    Georgia AOH Judge Michael Malihi has Betrayed Our Country
    Malihi is a Corrupt Judge!

    His Obama Eligibility Ruling is a LIE. Obama’s Fascist regime of criminals got to him. He has either been paid-off or threatened.

    • Harry says:

      Buzz, according to a poster on your and my old stomping grounds Free Republic, Malihi is a Muslim. Not that that should disqualify him.

      The main issue is, Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. Why they can’t produce the real one we don’t know.

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