Morning Reads for Friday, February 3, 2012 – Stop Violence Against Women Edition

Yesterday’s Groundhog Primary showed the inherent superiority of Southern Groundhogs, as General Beauregard Lee saw no shadow yesterday, predicting an early spring. Gen. Lee has a 94 percent accuracy rating, shaming that Punxsatawney Phil from Pennsylvania.

Yesterday was Stop Violence Against Women Day at the State Capitol. Georgia has been ranked the sixth-highest rate of such assaults by the Violence Policy Center. We can do better.

Vernon Keenan, Director of the GBI told WABE that the Bureau has set up a specialized unit to investigate human trafficking, and has started working closely with Federal and local law enforcement officials.

Director Keenan also told Dennis O’Hayer that Georgia’s anti-sex trafficking laws are resulting in improvements.

Georgia’s Department of Education held a seminar to help teachers understand sex trafficking and their role in indentifying and reporting suspected cases.

Rep. Nikki Randall is apparently getting so many emails on her private email address that she is “downright upset.” Randall blames one of her colleagues in the General Assembly for her inability to wade through the emails.

[S]he said she’s resisted the temptation to take all the personal phone numbers and addresses of all the co-signers of the bill and write them on every restroom wall in every MARTA station in Atlanta.

Robins Air Force Base may be facing the loss of up to 1,140 jobs by the end of April.

Blake Aued with the Athens Banner-Herald discussed former Gov. Perdue’s tenure and successor with Perdue, who said “I think (Deal’s) relationship with the legislature is much smoother than I had in that regard.”

The House Education Committee passed the Constitutional Amendment to effectively override the Georgia Supreme Court’s 2011 ruling that state charter schools violate the Constitution. The bill should see a floor vote, where a two-thirds majority is required to place the issue on the statewide ballot.

Jackson County, which created more new jobs last year than any other Georgia county, has attracted another 320 jobs and $350 million investment from Toyota Industries, which will build a new compressor manufacturing plant there. Jenkins County will add up to 100 jobs, in addition to 100 already hired, when a private prison opens this spring; Jenkins County suffers from a 17% unemployment rate.

Gov. Deal is appearing in a public service announcment to air on Super Bowl Sunday, encouraging drinkers to download the Drive Sober Georgia app on their smartphones.

Reversible lanes on I-75/575, which originally were slated for a Public-Private Partnership before Gov. Deal pulled that plug, may be financed by state gas tax funds, under a financing plan passed by a House appropriations subcommittee. Before that happens though, the state DOT Board may have to vote on the funding, and the board chair sounds doubtful about its prospects.

Daniel Fullerton, a Young Democrat, needs a kidney for transplanting. Please contact him if you find one. Also, visit his transplant website and learn what you can do. Here’s a hint: make a donation today to help pay for his operation and the many ongoing expenses for anti-rejection drugs he’ll need.

First Lady Michelle Obama did 25 pushups before stopping and Ellen DeGeneres did 20. Both did full-length pushups from their feet, not knees, but they also failed to go comletely to the ground. If you’re an adult male and can’t do more pushups than Ellen, there’s an app for that; visit this website and get on it today.

Porsche Cars North America reports a 6 percent monthly sales increase over January 2011.


  1. Steve Golden says:

    Thank you for mentioning my good friend Daniel Fullerton in the post. He may be a Democrat, but I assure you, our debate would be far less interesting if he wasn’t a part of it.

    I also wanted to hop on here and give a plug for an event YDG is hosting for him, and which I would like to invite all of you to– Democrats and Republicans alike. Check out for more information.

    Also, if you’re willing to help provide food/drink or have a prize you can donate to the silent auction, email me at [email protected].

    Thanks y’all, and thanks Todd.

  2. benevolus says:

    Beau’s Weathering Heights Plantation:
    “A lavish addition to Beau’s white-columned Southern mansion is another major surprise. He owns an architectural water fountain; a postal box; a granite monument; a monogrammed lawn marker, sundial, doormat and a satellite dish that allows him to watch PBS nature specials. He has further enjoyed a broad jump and high diving board which readied him for The Olympics. It is alleged that Beau’s Official Mansion also includes a laptop computer for his prodigious correspondence and a Wine Cellar to recover from the labors of His National Holiday.”

    Gen. Lee is obviously part of the 1%.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    “Never mind foundation made the decision, not you individually. In fact, have you ever heard of a large, multi-million dollar enterprise being swayed by one vice-president’s opinion? Any, at all?”

    Ever heard of Dick Cheney?

  4. ricstewart says:

    There are plenty of other legislators who give out their personal email addresses and seem to manage.

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