SB 301 – Use of Silenced Suppressors For Hunting –

Can you take a deer, a gun and a silencer into a bar?” -So queried State Sen. Steve Thompson, (D-Smyrna) during floor debate over SB 301, legislation that would permit the use of sound suppressors on hunting rifles. (Current answer is “yes,” though legislation to prohibit feral hogs in bars, restaurants and music venues is being considered.)

The measure passed the Senate 48-5 on Tuesday, with a sort of collective shrug by Georgia’s most deliberative body. If the bill keeps moving forward, Georgia hunters will soon be able to equip their hunting rifles (and handguns, where permitted) with devices some call ‘suppressors’ and some call ‘silencers.’ (The correct term is either ‘silenced suppressor‘ or ‘suppressed silencer.’) Keep in mind that purchasing a silenced suppressor would still necessitate jumping through hoops with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, meeting all the other requirements for a Federal Firearms License, $200 and a long talk with your local sheriff. Also keep in mind that current Georgia law permits the use of suppressors for any type shooting -except for the hunting of game.

Opposition to the bill was muted.

Objects to SB 301


The intent of this bill is obvious to veteran observers of the Georgia legislature. In a state that’s ranked 13th in the nation for teen pregnancy, has higher rates of obesity, a higher death rate from cancer and an overall shorter life expectancy than the rest of the country, Georgia needs to address the epidemic of hearing loss among Georgia’s hunters. Either that, or cut down on the number of noise complaints from city folks who have built their new homes too close to hunting areas and are being kept awake by 165-decibel gunshots.

Not that anyone asked me, but it seems that too much silenced suppression while hunting could be a bad thing. If folks were hunting near my home, I’d certainly want some advance warning so that I could go inside or at least change my suit.









  1. elfiii says:

    I find myself rather in favor of any bill the GA passess that restores individual liberty pretty much regardless of what the bill addresses.

    The fat folks and pregnant kids will just have to wait a while for their turn. đŸ˜‰

    • OleDirtyBarrister says:

      But you know if the G.A. drafts the legislation just right, hires just the right people to run the bureaucracy, and properly funds the programs, it will compel people to make all the right choices about pregnancy, eating, smoking, and other lifestyle matters that affect their health. The government is good at that. It’s not bad choices that are hurting the people, it’s just that there is not enough government.

  2. saltycracker says:

    “….legislation to prohibit feral hogs in bars, restaurants and music venues is being considered.”

    If the definition of feral hog can be amended to include any living thing over 300lbs., then we’ve got something…..

  3. ted in bed says:

    Even before this bill, you could take a suppressor and gun into a bar, with the owners/managers permission though. You can carry a suppressor and gun into an alcohol serving restaurant.

    No on the live deer though since that would violate a health code.

    Obviously Senator Thompson is trying to insult a class of Georgians (hunters and citizens from rural counties) with his little smarty pants one liner.

    • Actually, I believe he was trying to clarify the legislative intent, and he did go to Sen. Bulloch after the floor debate was over to explain his reasons for the question.

      • ted in bed says:

        I suppose explanations are necessary after you insult a significant portion of Georgians.

        The allowing suppressors for hunting has alot of benefits for everyone. As mentioned above, it minimizes unnecessary calls to the police, protects the shooter’s hearing especially in a covered tree stand, minimizes the noise so that neighbors aren’t bothered, allows for more effective hunting of feral hogs which destroys agriculture and spreads disease, etc.

  4. cheapseats says:

    At least they aren’t wasting their time on frivolous stuff like transportation, education, water, economic development, and all that other silly stuff some of you think is soooooo important.

    Go Gen. Ass! You guys rock!

  5. SallyForth says:

    REALLY? What about hikers in the woods? They only know to run the other way if they hear hunters’ guns, idgits. Open season on hikers too?

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