Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 31st

Here in Georgia…
– The AJC has some detail on the discussions between the Falcons and the GWCC on a new taxpayer-funded stadium.
– A survey sponsored by AFP-GA shows that over 70% of parents would be willing to vote for a candidate supportive of school choice.
– The City of Atlanta has unveiled its legislative agenda.
– Thanks to the state’s anti-immigration law, farmers in Georgia may have smaller crop sizes this year.
– Jay Bookman defends Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s handling of the birther case.
– Given everything that has gone on in Georgia schools lately, I can understand why a bill like this is being pushed; but there will be abuse of it.
– The Georgia Public Policy Foundation will host PayPal co-founder Rod Martin on February 22nd for a discussion on technology and education.

National stories of interest…
– We stopped SOPA and PIPA, now get ready for ACTA.
– Nick Gillespie gives three reasons we shouldn’t get worked up over “super PACs.”
– The US fell to 47th in press freedom due to the crackdown on Occupy protests.
– Harrison Tyler, the grandson of President John Tyler, says Newt Gingrich is a “jerk.”
– Charlie Cook explains why there will be a lot of new faces in the next Congress.
– Government workers make more than their private sector counterparts.
– A new survey shows that the poor consume like the rich.

A few that I like…
Zombie George Washington!
Good news, couch potatoes.


  1. Max Power says:

    I really can’t believe the whole stadium thing hasn’t caused a firestorm of public outrage. Sigh….

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