1. Cassandra says:

    What your excellent pictures convey, at least in some small way, is the electricity and dynamic show of each Session. Anyone who has not been there, can’t ‘get it’ by pictures alone.

    It’s like seeing NASCAR in person as opposed to watching on big HDTV.

    Good work, here, I love the pictures.

    • Todd Rehm says:

      Thanks, Cassandra. You’re right, that you have to see it to understand it, preferably over the course of about a week. But I hope to share some of what goes on with our readers. And I’m also officially announcing unofficial tours for Peach Pundit readers. If you’re not a regular down at the Capitol and want to see the sights during session, send me a PM and schedule permitting, I’ll be happy to show some of you around. Others, not so much., per the standard Peach Pundit disclaimer.

      An interesting note for people interested in education policy is that the most important meeting that happened in the Capitol today may have been the informal one pictured above between House Education Committee Chairman Brooks Coleman and Senate Education Committee Chairman Fran Millar, who formerly served as Coleman’s understudy Vice Chair. Or they may have just been talking about the unseasonably warm weather.

  2. Calypso says:

    There’s a joke in there somewhere as it relates to the blind folks and their seeing-eye dogs (not to mention the beauty queens), but I’ll leave that to someone else.

    Nice pics, Todd.

  3. Baker says:

    2 Thoughts: 1) That one dog looks like everyone in the gallery after about an hour of thrilling floor work. (or: That one dog looks like a Democrat after Republicans have passed their latest bill)
    2) That photo of those girls is hilarious. 3 of them are on their cells texting, tweeting, checking something. And 2 more of them were on their phones about 5 seconds before this photo was taken.

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