Scot Turner Kicking Off Race For Cherokee House Seat

Candidate Press Release follows:


Holly Springs resident Scot Turner will officially kick off his campaign to seek the Republican nomination for the newly configured 21st district in the State House of Representatives tonight at an event at the Holly Springs Train Depot.

The current 22nd district was renamed to the 21st after reapportionment and is situated entirely within Cherokee County.

“Today, we take the first step down the long road toward restoring faith in government,” Turner said.  “We recognize that the road will not be easily traveled, but if progress is to truly be made, every voter of the 21st district must have a choice between candidates.”

Turner also unveiled his three campaign initiatives, with each encompassing multiple issues.  “We aim to restore faith in government by holding ourselves to a higher personal standard, and to reform government in an attempt to make it smaller and less intrusive in our lives and businesses, and to empower people to make decisions that impact them closer to home.”

Turner has pledged to never accept a gift from a lobbyist.  Further, he has also promised to not accept campaign contributions from lobbyists or PACs.  When addressing this issue, Turner stated, “It may put me at a major disadvantage compared to other candidates, but I want to run this campaign in the way that I feel is right.  Taking money from lobbyists and PACS may be ok to some, but I cannot allow that in my campaign.  Winning this race the right way is more important than winning it by compromising principle.”

Turner’s Campaign Kickoff event will be at the Holly Springs Train Depot on Monday, January 23rd, from 7:00-9:00 PM.  The address for the Depot is 164 Hickory Road Holly Springs, GA 30115.

About Scot Turner: Scot Turner was raised in the tiny town of Enterprise, Florida. After graduating from Deltona High School and serving a stint in the US Army Reserves, Scot moved to Georgia in 1997 and went on to work his way up the corporate ladder at Hewlett Packard. Achieving the title of Lead Support Customer Engineer for the Atlanta office, Scot was presented with and accepted an opportunity to join Source Direct of Dallas, Texas.  After five years with the firm, Scot is currently Director of Field Services responsible for forty engineers across the country supporting enterprise level computing environments for many Fortune 500 companies. Along with work, Scot also functions as a citizen activist serving both as a precinct chair and a member of the Board of Directors for the Cherokee County GOP.  He has had the honor of being selected to serve as a Sergeant-at-Arms for both the Sixth District and State GOP Conventions as well as establishing the social media efforts for the Canton Tea Party Patriots.  In these positions, Scot has worked tirelessly to honor the conservative values instilled in him by his life experiences as well the traditional principles encouraged by Watermarke Community Church where he and his family are active congregants.

At present, Scot is working on a range of issues including advocating for government zero based budgeting, parental rights in education, stopping the implementation of Obamacare, and trying to tighten the ethics rules for both legislators and lobbyists working under the Gold Dome. Scot lives in the Atlanta suburban community of Holly Springs with his wife of 13 years, Kelly, their two children, six year old Samuel and three year old Julia, as well as two cats and an ever lucky dog named Jack. More information about the campaign can currently be found at The candidate can be contacted at 678 576 2644 email at [email protected].