Morning Reads for Monday, January 23rd

Here in Georgia…
– Looks like we’ll see more rough weather today.
– The I-75 toll project is still alive as GDOT and Gov. Deal look for a compromise proposal.
– The Stockbridge-based First State Bank was shutdown on Friday by the FDIC.
– The Secret Service is investigating the Atlanta Jewish Times after the paper’s publisher floated the idea of assassinating President Obama as an option for Israel.
– HOPE continues to face very real financial issues.
– Georgia could serve as a “showdown” site between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

National stories of interest…
– Mitt Romney will release his tax returns tomorrow.
– Speaking of Romney, it looks like he is finally targeting Gingrich.
– Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) will resign from Congress to focus on rehab.
– The New York Times has a preview of themes in Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.
– Oh look, Egypt will be run by Islamic radicals.
– H1N1 is back in the news after an outbreak in China.

A few that I like…
– This year’s Super Bowl will be a replay from 2007. Any predictions?
– James Richardson, a political consultant from Georgia, defends Paula Deen from criticism by what he sees as Northern elitists. Personally, I thought Anthony Bourdain had a point.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Well, it’s a good thing I have already been to Egypt and seen the good stuff. I have a feeling tourism is going to plummet even more than it already has done, which is a big problem, since tourism accounts for a huge part of their economy. The last thing I want for Egypt is for it’s antiquities and ancient sites to be plundered for profit or destroyed out of ignorance (like the Bamiyan Giant Buddha carvings in Afghanistan).

  2. Noway says:

    Good to see various Jewish leaders condemning this goofball’s column suggesting that an option for Israel is the taking out of an American president. Wish the various Islamic leaders here in the states had also uttered more publicly their condemnation of recent Muslim acts of barbarism.
    Oh, and by the way, after the Secret Service interviews the Atlanta Jewish Times column author, he’ll forever be in their intelligence database. so, as Bill Murray once opined, “So, I got that goin’ for me…” What an idiot.

    • USA1 says:

      Of course various Jews spoke up because they know how to play the P.R. game very well. Their ever-present fear that they will be persecuted as the “other” means that they can’t let the snowball roll any further. However, Americans are so steeped in the controlled media’s lies that they won’t even give this remark a second thought. “Oh, he’s just some goofball.” And never mind that Adler — the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times; not just some columnist — called for preventive nuclear strikes on Iran at any cost. Nope, no big deal. Instead we need to focus on why Muslims don’t publicy condemn other Muslims for recent acts of barbarism. Adler’s an idiot? Hardly.

      • John Konop says:


        ……..Of course various Jews spoke up because they know how to play the P.R. game very well. ……

        Wrong! Israel itself is split 50/50 on an aggressive approach to Iran. I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, NOT ALL Jews, Blacks………think the same.

        • USA1 says:

          I’m certainly not wrong about the fact that leading Jews play the P.R. game very well.

          I also don’t believe all *fill in the blank* think alike. But it doesn’t matter what those who hold no power think or say; what matters is what those in power think or say. It is clear that Israel has been itching to attack Iran for almost four years now. I firmly believe that Jews who say they are opposed to bombing Iran aren’t opposed because they don’t want to bomb Iran but because they are afraid of retaliation. The Jews who openly bang the drum to bomb Iran are willing to do so at any cost, just as Mr. Adler stated. Those same Jews also know they will need young non-Jewish American soldiers to back them up and quite possibly take the lead.

            • USA1 says:

              Who said there are no Jews in the military? Not me.

              Yes, there are Jews in the military but they are in the underwhelming minority. Israeli leaders wants our military — the overwhleming majority of which is non-Jew — to back them up on a reckless attack or even fight in their stead. Here’s something else to think about: Why is the percentage of Jews in politics, the media, and academia so much larger than their share of the population at large, while their numbers in the U.S. military are equal or less than their population at large in America?

  3. saltycracker says:

    Filed under the “Love the retirement promises to public servants”

    DeKalb teachers don’t need no stinkin’ social security, the county taxpayers gotcha covered….
    Employees appear to have kicked in their part but the County put theirs on an IOU…

    Taxpayers might need to cough up $50 million to catch up
    (wouldn’t employers go to jail for this if it was SS?)

    AJC story:

  4. Scott65 says:

    Looks like Chip Rogers is trying to limit local control

    It is my opinion that if an area (usually rural) wants to wire themselves with fiber, they should be allowed to do so without the state interfering (if the voters are for it). Wonder if Chip has been to Chattanooga lately (Amazon is adding 2000 MORE jobs). What really pisses me off about this is that it sets market price as whatever the incumbents (Comcast, AT&T) say it is…local broadband creates local jobs…usually with better service at a cheaper price. Wonder how much money he’s getting for this

  5. saltycracker says:

    Romney is paying the full amount of legal taxes he owes, as Buffett in an interview said like himself, and Buffett added they should be paying the same % as his employees.

    So would they (Buffett speaking for Obama) (Romney for his platform) agree to a flat tax ?

    Say 10%, no exceptions, no deductions, no minimum (oh, maybe whatever the min 1099 is) , no max, everyone equal, with skin in the game.

    Overhaul the tax code, get ‘er done and while we are at it:

    Limit spending to 18% of GDP. The feel good in the debt tsunami we have today is like an unlimited credit card with a 1% interest only payment…….until some day….

    Americans live for the day. China is opening banks & financial institutions in London & Europe. Not for today expecting it to be all good, but readiness for tomorrow. In the event Europe becomes unwilling/incapable in solving there financial issues, the bet is a depression and China will be there to help Europe by buying assets at distressed prices.

    Strengthen the dollar. Crushing it thinking it is best for exports trades off world recognition of a sound dollar.

    Return to the rule of law as in bankruptcy & immigration & fraud in government programs. Obama has no respect for those laws. The uncertainty in all of the above is corrosive.

    • benevolus says:

      Not sure what you mean in regards to bankruptcy, but Obama has stepped up immigration enforcement significantly:

      “The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency expects to deport about 400,000 people this fiscal year, nearly 10 percent above the Bush administration’s 2008 total and 25 percent more than were deported in 2007. The pace of company audits has roughly quadrupled since President George W. Bush’s final year in office. ”

  6. Dave Bearse says:

    An upside, not necessarily for Romney though, of Romney releasing his tax returns is that they may highlight the gross injustice of “carried interest”, the loophole by which Bain and hedge fund executives have their employment income taxed at a 15% capital gains rate, instead the the income tax rate that employment income should be sbujected to.

    Bain put up less 0.1% of the capital for a $3.5B leveraged buyout, then reaped 30% of profits for its service. Nothing wrong with that per se, but there is something wrong when Bain executives like Romney then pay only 15% on the profits, as if an investment of 0.1% warrants 30% of the total return on investment. Read it for yourself here:

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