Chambliss Withdraws Co-Sponsorship Of PIPA

The following was just received from Senator Chambliss:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) released the following statement today regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) decision to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT I.P. Act:

“It was always clear that the PROTECT I.P. Act needed to be perfected, and that legitimate concerns needed to be addressed before this bill could move forward. Given this and my constituents concerns, it was my intention to vote against cloture of this bill. With the majority leader’s decision to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT I.P. Act, I am withdrawing my co-sponsorship to await the resolution of the outstanding issues. However, I still believe that online theft is a serious issue, and that Congress does need to make certain that our laws adequately protect the interests of rights holders. When $58 billion in economic output is lost to the U.S. economy annually due to copyright theft of movies, music, packaged software and video games, and about one-quarter of all internet traffic is copyright infringing, there is a real problem that needs to be dealt with. I have complete faith that we will be able to work out a compromise in the future that addresses this problem, while still promoting free and open access to the internet.”



      • TolleyJenkins says:

        Reddit had 34 million unique visitors per month

        4chan has 10 million unique visitors per month.

        And Wikipedia has 490 million unique visitors per month.

        So, I think his spelling was just fine.

  1. Ron2008 says:

    So he has problems with the bill but has no problem being a co-sponsor? Wonder if they disconnected the phone lines in DC or actually listened to constituents on this one?

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    and just in time for the nightly news it was announced they will seek input from the industry (creative copyright holders and internet providers) on the best solution to ‘work together’ on compliance and regulations in future versions of the bill(s).

    It was also duly noted that enough people spoke up about this that it is probably a dead issue for the remainder of the election year. Too bad ‘the people’ only have influence on issues in election years.

  3. Rick Day says:

    This man is clearly out of touch with the people of Georgia. And his bandwagon hopping is kind of sad, in a dangerous to freedom kind of way.

    Why did all y’all elect him, again?

    Oh right…he’s a “Republican”.

  4. Jackster says:

    I found myself wondering how much it would cost to get him to change his position.

    So let me get this straight – he has lots of donors from content makers and distributors, and then their customers – the very people who pay (enough to keep them in business) have to threaten to rise against their politicians as well?

    I mean it’s laughable. To me, this is a clear example of where our politicians (namely saxby and johnny) have been bought and paid for. My question is – okay, so how much did you pay, because it looks like i need to counter.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Our politicians should be required to wear uniforms, like NASCAR drivers, bearing the logos of their ‘sponsors’.

      • Cassandra says:

        NT: If PIPA were law, you be in big trouble, buddy-boy, cause you stole my material, above. Aren’t there some illegal campaign signs for you to pick up somewhere?

        • NoTeabagging says:

          I got the phrase off Facebook. Saltycracker also posted the same Idea in another PP post 1/20. Unless all those folks are stealing your copyright registered words verbatim, you are SOL.

          Oops boots go, I see a Rom Paul sign on public property.

          • saltycracker says:

            I read it somewhere but FULL credit should go
            to anyone – Buzz, you up for it ? – who introduces the bill.

            • NoTeabagging says:

              There’s at least three of us on PP who like the idea, especially for the punchline value.

              I’m sure Harry (or Mayor Reed) can hook us up with an entrepreneur in China willing to produce the action figures. Let’s see Gary Black – Monsanto, John Oxendine – Blue Cross Blue Shield, I’ll let you guys decide who in PSC gets to wear the Georgia Power/Southern Company Colors.

              buy ’em, collect ’em, trade ’em.

  5. Toxic Avenger says:

    Oh, wow, such a principled stand.

    He withdrew his support after the bill was declared dead, and was withdrawn from consideration in the House. For me to have been impressed by this, he should have withdrawn his support weeks ago.

  6. Paul Srch says:

    “However, I still believe that online theft is a serious issue, and that Congress does need to make certain that our laws adequately protect the interests of rights holders.”

    Hey, bubba – ever hear of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – it does exactly what you want to do, without the possibility of taking owners small web hosting companies such as me to jail for five years or shutting down my business because of the actions of one of my customers.

    Try enforcing the laws you already have. Of course, the same thing could be said about illegal immigration, and we all know how well they do that…

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