Morning Reads, The “Jason Overslept” Edition

News of Note:

DeKalb County Schools (Putting the Duh in DeKalb!” has too many overpaid folks in their administration, which might be news to anyone who has never heard of DeKalb County.

And their marching band activities have been unbanned.

A teacher in Gwinnett County has resigned over the “slavery math” controversy, but the head of the Georgia NAACP is demanding more punitive action. Pop quiz: How many ounces in a pound of flesh?

The Creative Loafing editorial board opines against ‘ramrodding,’ which might surprise some of their readers until they realize CL is against using public financing for Atlanta’s new football stadium. We applaud CL’s fiscal conservatism. Who knew?

House Speaker David Ralston told Cobb business leaders he was “not inclined” to allow reconsideration of the transportation project list, which gave the MDJ a chance to editorialize with a headline – “House Speaker: Cobb likely saddled with Lee’s TSPLOST.” (Note to the MDJ: That’s not what he said.)

Contrary to rumors of infighting, backstabbing, and general dysfunction among Georgia’s Republican State Senators, they have put forth an agenda. So there, they fixed it.

National Need-To-Knows:

Turns out Rick Santorum actually came out on top in Iowa. No? How about “Santorum Edges Romney?” Add that to your Google bomb.

ATTENTION RNC: If you can’t count your caucus votes, you shouldn’t go first. It’s a rule.

Gingrich steals spotlight from Romney.’ Newt? Nope, Marianne. Her interview with ABC, an alleged ‘career killer,’ will air tonight.

Flyers attacking Karen Santorum reaffirm our belief that South Carolina has the ickiest state politics in America, and that we should force it to re-secede.

Ron Paul warns of ‘dire circumstances,’ if, something, something. This is a repeat of everything Ron Paul has ever said.

Is today the day Rick Perry calls it quits? There are three reasons he should.

Oh, yeah:

Wikipedia is back from black, which means the internet is once again as reliable as the drunk at the end of the bar.


    • benevolus says:

      Santorum will be lucky to still be in the race by the time Iowa actually chooses it’s delegates in June.

      • Engineer says:

        Indeed, with his lack of funding and lack of media presence, I don’t know if he’ll be in the race much longer (not that it matters, I wouldn’t vote for that theocrat, Santorum, anyways).

  1. Bridget says:

    Cobb items in relation to transportation:

    There’s a meeting tonight:
    There will be a Legislative Coffee on Thursday, January 19, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Members of the Cobb delegation to the Georgia General Assembly will be present. Attendees can learn about proposed legislation and committee assignments. The venue is 100 Cherokee St (Bldg A), 2nd floor meeting room, Marietta.
    More information here:

    We’re at least open to mass transit alternatives that will actually address the unbearable areas along 75/575:

    The -75 Toll project is becoming a disk on a Reversi board:

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