What Marianne Will Reveal

Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife is threatening to reveal a secret so devastating that it “would end his career with a single interview.” Her “explosive” ABC interview, according to some sources, may air on Thursday night, but after serious internal debate here at Peach Pundit, and over the objections both our ombudsman and our ethics consultant, we are making the information available to you now. Newt Gingrich’s secret

We secretly switched a presidential candidate with a beet farmer! Can you tell the difference?

is that he is a beet farmer in Scranton, Pennsylvania.



  1. Hey, this Newt/Schrute rumor is taking off! maybe it’s not just a rumor after all!

    “Facing continued fallout from Tiffany’s purchases and staff resignations, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich tried to generate some positive buzz Thursday by offering a job to fictional character Dwight Schrute.”

    “Actor Rainn Wilson, who plays Schrute on NBC’s popular comedy “The Office,” used Twitter to jokingly apply for a job with the Gingrich campaign.”

    “Dear @NewtGingrich: because of the many Newt/Schrute rhyme options, I humbly offer my services as your new campaign manager,” (Rainn) Wilson tweeted.

    “We have a campaign manager,” Gingrich replied. “What about assistant TO the campaign manager?”


  2. Calypso says:

    When the Republican’s circular firing squad finishes their work, we can be assured of four more years of Obamanism.

    • saltycracker says:

      They are working on Romney’s investment earnings and financials. A 15% tax rate and some of the money spread overseas will be portrayed as evil and not paying his fair share. Especially by those paying nothing.

      • Bloodhound says:

        Isn’t it interesting that libs view profit margins in dollars and taxes in percentages?

        “Big greedy oil companies” make BILLIONS of dollars in “filthy profits” but the well to do folks taxes are only considered as “a mere 15%”.

        They wouldn’t want you to know that was $18,000,000 (for example).

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The only thing she could say that would not be old news is that he is a cross-dressing, psychopathic axe murderer. All the rest is old news.

  4. rense says:

    @ted in bed:

    Do any of you talk radio/Fox News listeners even care about the distinction between a social democracy (i.e. France, Germany, England … basically most of the western world, Japan and also most of the emerging economies like those in Asia – particularly India – and Latin America) and an actual Marxist state like Cuba, North Korea, China, Viet Nam and the old Soviet Union?

    Regulated markets = social democracy. Command economy = Marxism. Private property and enterprise, though heavily regulated and taxed = social democracy. No private property = Marxism. Huge social welfare state with some purposeful redistribution of wealth = social democracy. Government allocation of resources that it owns or controls = Marxism.

    Marxism: unworkable. The Soviet Union collapsed, China and Viet Nam are moving towards social democracy/communist hybrids, Cuba’s younger leadership is said to be leaning in that direction also. Venezuela is the only country going the other way, from social democracy towards the Castro model. Social democracy: not my cup of tea, but works just fine. Germany would be better off than we are (not just where Obama has us, but also where Bush left us) if they weren’t linked economically to Greece and Ireland. Plus with the exception of Greece, much of the EU had solid, growing economies right up until the global banking collapse, a lot of which (on the EU side) was due to their making the same mistakes that we did.

    Again, I am not a social democrat. I am WELL to the right of Merkel fiscally. (And socially. And in general.) It is just that modern neocon propaganda is increasingly indistinguishable from the same caliber of nonsense dishonesty that the civil rights groups have been pushing on their charges for decades, and it makes me wonder if Sean Hannity and Townhall.com have been taking their “how to talk total nonsense” classes from the NAACP or something.

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