Pay Up Before Enjoying Georgia’s Outdoors

Effective at the beginning of this year, it will cost you to visit and enjoy 32 of Georgia’s wildlife resource areas.  The Department of Natural Resources will be issuing passes, called a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass,  for 32 of the 100+ properties managed by the Wildlife Resource Division.  Two areas in Walker County are affected: the popular Crawford-Pigeon Mountain WMA (some folks may have heard of Rock Town) and the lesser known Zahnd WMA.

The price of a single pass for an individual is $3.50 and an annual pass is $19.  There’s a full list, as well as other pricing and pass exemptions, over at the Department of Natural Resources site as well as a map locating all of the properties affected.

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  1. Bloodhound says:

    Thanks to all of Georgia’s hunters and fishermen/women for paying for these lands plus maintenance, for all other citizens for all these years via license fees and WMA Stamps!

    And thanks to all the hikers, birdwatchers, campers, hang glider enthusiasts and horseback riders for joining in the effort to keep and maintain these millions of acres for all Georgians to enjoy!

    I Love Georgia!

  2. saltycracker says:

    Wildlife mgmt areas and public fishing areas are distinguished from parks. Ownership is varied and public use is not necessarily their primary function as I understand them.

    Georgia public park and wildlife funding is taking a beating as the state transfers more and more to individuals and corporations. Ironically as we increase population these areas bece our most valuable long term asset.

    • Bloodhound says:

      You are correct. Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites and Wildlife Resource Division (WRD) are both separate Divisions within the Department of Natural Resources.

      The Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass relates only to WRD lands. Some of those lands are owned by the state while others may be leased from various private owners such as timber companies.

      BTW, every Governor since Zell has cut WRD’s operating budget. The funding for that Division is abysmal at best. Georgia’s Sportsmen & women have provided much of the funding for the purchase of the lands and fishing areas and foot a great deal of the bill for the operation. While some money does come from the general fund the legislature tends to consider how much funding is provided by licenses, stamps, federal grants and the sportsman funded “Wildlife Restoration Act”, and cuts the fund input from the general fund.

      • elfiii says:

        Yes sir. Now the hikers, bird watchers et al can have some skin in the game too. As long as the G.A. doesn’t sell out those of us who have paid the license fee over the years to establish and maintain the WMA’s I’m good to go. Otherwise Georgia’s WMA system will collapse.

        Color me skeptical.

        • saltycracker says:

          Sonny changed the rules on the tag….most of the speciality money now goes into the general fund – I think about $10 from the original tag fee gets to wildlife – my local tag agency said the only reason to purchase is for some vanity expression…not the cause…..
          but some justify it by saying something is better than nothing….

          The state needs to reduce some of money transferred directly or by credits to individuals and corporations before cutting these fundings. Excluding expenses on High maintenance, non-self-sustaining theme park types.

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