Don’t Bully The Person Investigating Your Client

Word to the foolish: If you are going to threaten a state official or anyone else that may be inclined to tape a conversation, meet them in a loud venue or keep an audio recorder jammer on your person.  In an open records request, Richard Belcher of WSB-TV acquired a recording of former Fulton and Cobb Superintendent James Wilson threatening Kathleen Mathers from the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement in a conversation about potential cheating on the CRCT exams.


From WSB-TV:

Mathers said her office had said the vast majority of Georgiaschools didn’t seem to have a CRCT problem.

Mathers: “That’s overwhelmingly positive.”

Wilson: “I don’t know about that.”

Mathers: “So what are you saying — don’t look under the hood of the car?”

Wilson: “No, I’m saying we should have fixed the car before you looked under it.”


The almost-threat:

Wilson: “I have a decision to make based on how we finish this conversation and where I go from here. And remember, I’m the old guy. I have nothing to lose. I really want to be part of helping make this good. But I can go wherever I need to go.”

Mathers: “What do you mean by that?”

Wilson: “I’m not going to give you any threats. But let me tell you, I can get there.”


If this is Mr. Williams’ posture as it relates to finding and correcting cheating in Georgia’s public schools, taxpayer dollars should not be funding his current or future investigations, as was done in this particular instance in Dougherty County.


  1. Noway says:

    Thank God that Georgia is a one-party recording state. Good for Ms. Mathers and what is probably her Radio Shack recording device. Let’s watch this Wilson guy squirm. Sara, was Wilson actually investigating the potential scandal in Doughtery County?

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