Morning Reads for Saturday, January 14, 2012 the Short Stack edition

Dennis O’Hayer has posted part 2 of his interview with Gov. Deal, discussing Charter Schools, water supply and TSPLOST. Part One is available here.

Gov. Deal has reported that sales tax revenues for December were down 1.2% over 2010.

Plans to convert the shoulders of 400 to traffic lanes are coming under fire over public safety concerns.

HOT lane prices on 85 will go down for off-peak hours, including weekends.

Kyle Wingfield and Jay Bookman have both written columns in support of limiting lobbyist gifts to elected officials.

The Transportation Safety Administration has identified a new revenue source: change left behind in  airport security lines.

State Rep. Kip Smith (R-Columbus) has been charged with DUI in Atlanta. Smith allegedly blew a .091 roadside, while the legal limit is .08. Note that you can be charged with a .05 BAC, and drivers under 21 can be charged with a .02 BAC.

The Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform held a press conference at the State Capitol this week, urging passage of a limit on lobbyist gifts among other measures.

Now, it’s off to Waffle House for a dark waffle, rather than a short stack.

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  1. I Miss the 90s says:

    Of course sales taxes were down last month, anybody ever heard of this thing called the Internet were people can go buy things without the hassle of going to Walmart at 5am to wrestle for ‘door buster’ deals?

    Tax sales on the Internet and fix the revenue problem.

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