McKillip Draws Primary Challenge; Crawford Gets General Election Contest

State Representative Doug McKillip will again face off against Regina Quick but this time in a Republican Primary, according to the Athens Patch.

This district takes in parts of Oconee, Jackson, Barrow and Clarke counties, including the street off Timothy Road where Quick lives.

She decided to run, she said, because “I finally concluded that we need a representative who can unite Athens instead of divide it.”

A native of Cullman, Alabama, Quick came to Athens in 1984 to attend law school at the University of Georgia. After graduating in 1987, she began practicing law in Athens.

She is primarily a family law practitioner. Quick serves on the executive committee of the state family law section.

McKillip last faced Quick as a Democrat, but now will see her as a Republican in a district that favors R’s.

Meanwhile, in West Georgia, incumbent State Rep Rick Crawford will face newcomer Trey Kelley in a general election matchup, should Kelley get the GOP’s nod.  Crawford’s newly drawn district is considered favorable to Republicans.  Kelley’s press release is below the fold.

Dozens of business, political and community leaders from all across Polk County and the 16th House District joined to support Trey Kelley at the West Cinema Theater in downtown Cedartown as he announced his candidacy as a Republican candidate for state House of Representatives. Incumbent Democrat Rep. Rick Crawford currently holds the seat.

Kelley thanked his supporters, “after encouragement by community leaders and much thoughtful prayer, I have decided to pursue this office because a strong work ethic and hands-on leadership is what is needed in District 16.” The newly redrawn 16th District which encompasses all of Polk County as well as portions of Bartow and Haralson County.

Kelley also released a list of supporters of his campaign, which started just today. The list of supporters include:

Matt Ramsey, State Representative
Howard Maxwell, State Representative
Jason Ward, Polk County Commissioner
Danny Hutcheson, Haralson County Coroner
Allen Poole, Haralson County Commission Chairman
Ken Suffridge, Mayor of Aragon
Scotty Tillery, Cedartown City Commission
Susan Berry, Polk County School Board Member
Eric Robinson, Haralson County Commissioner
Jimmy Lester
John Clark
Jacquie Peterson
Roger Waldrop
Jerry Shearin
Larry Dooley
Frank Burgess
Debra Nelson
Rick Hall
Larry Tolbert
Doc Ayers
Vern Miller
Tyler Smith
John Ragland
Tommy Engram
Gary McBride
Jane Wyatt
Mike York
John Ragland
Sara Brown
Doyle Kelley
Andrew Roper

Since deciding to enter the race, Kelley has been humbled by the overwhelming support and generosity his campaign has received. The campaign has already begun an aggressive grassroots campaign through his steering committee and obtaining the endorsement of many local officials. His supporters include elected officials, community leaders, Attorneys, Preachers and other various leaders of the local business community. These local leaders have pledged their support to Kelley’s campaign and do all they can to help him get elected.

Trey is the son of Doyle and Laura Kelley, both educators in the Polk County School District, and is a Graduate of Shorter University. He is currently employed at W.C. Brooks Co. Manufacturer’s Representative Agency, where he heads up special projects and marketing for the firm. He attends Georgia State University School of Law where he is pursuing his Juris Doctorate. Trey and Amy attend First Baptist Church in Cedartown, Georgia. Kelley has held multiple leadership roles within his community such as President of the Cedartown Exchange Club and as the current Chairman of the Polk County Republican Party.

To get involved or find out more information about the campaign, please visit

“I love this part of the State and have a desire to see it reinvigorated with growth and jobs,” said Kelley. While laying out his plan for growth, Kelley said, “I think we must focus our efforts on bringing jobs back to Northwest Georgia. Our local leaders have done a good job of creating a favorable business environment for potential employers, but we must work at the state level as well to implement aggressive tax incentive programs so Georgians aren’t losing jobs to our neighboring states. Along with a pro business climate, we must work to find innovative opportunities within our education system so we will have a viable work force educated for the needs of companies looking to locate in Northwest Georgia. Further, providing a desirable quality of life standard many people seek when determining where to live – including recreational opportunities and strong public safety resources to help cut the crime rate.”


  1. A Republican wins the seat, almost no matter who the nominee is. It’s now the most Republican district in the state held by a Democrat. Republicans regularly now get 65-72% of the vote in the new district as drawn.

    • Tiberius says:

      Inexcusable that we didnt run anyone against Crawford last year (2010). I would give them a pass if some deal was struck about him switching if no one ran but since that hasnt occured.

      The GOP Chairman in Polk County should be run out of town on a rail….If no one was going to run he/she should have showed up at the Gold Dome at the last seocnd and put his/her name in just so the ballot wouldn’t be blank. Inexcusable.

  2. Herb says:

    Backstabber McKillip is getting what he deserves most. A Primary challenge. Hopefully Quick can sew the nomination up and lose the General Election in a landslide(this is Athens, after all).

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