1. The only thing that may come close to the consistancy of Ron Paul is the consistancy of the status quo supporters trying to stop him.

    Where’s the “Ron Paul Surging in SC” reports? He’s up 5% in Rasmussen and up 6% in PPP poll in 1 week…. that’s more than any other candidate.

    Another top 3 finish should surely galvinize him as the anti-Romney candidate…. shouldn’t it?

    • Engineer says:

      By the way, a new poll came out today by American Research Group, Inc. and was featured on Drudge earlier:

      Likely Republican Primary Voters Jan 11-12 2012
      Romney 29%
      Gingrich 25%
      Paul 20%
      Perry 9%
      Santorum 7%
      Undecided 7%
      Other 2%
      Huntsman 1%

      Looks like it is a close heat for the top 3 spots in SC between Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      And he’s quite possibly about to pick up an endorsement from one of South Carolina’s prominent Republican state senators this weekend.

  2. Herb says:

    I hope Rick Santorum wins the GOP nomination and picks Scott Walker for VP. Four more years of peace and prosperity coming down the pike if that happens.

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