SC Congressman Joe Wilson in Gwinnett tonight

Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) was in Gwinnett County tonight at Trackside in Lawrenceville to support the re-elections of Georgia Congressmen Paul Broun (R-Athens) and Rob Woodall (R-Lawrenceville).

Wilson spoke to more than 200 Republicans at their 2012 Kickoff event. Broun, who has primary opposition, has been redistricted into the eastern parts of Gwinnett County including the rapidly growing areas of Dacula and Loganville.

Thanks to Jon Richards for the photo.












        • rense says:

          Someone should have yelled “You lie” at George W. Bush when he was building the (phony) case for the “defensive” war against Iraq, who allegedly was this “imminent threat” to attack us with their weapons of mass destruction (which would have been a real feat as Iraq’s infrastructure, economy, military etc. had been decimated by over a decade of crushing sanctions as well as airstrikes by Clinton). Of course, had they done so, you wouldn’t have been nearly so supportive of them as you are of Wilson. Yet far more people died (American soldiers, contractors, and oh yeah innocent Iraqi civilians) as the result of one guy’s lie than another. Hmmm … some lies are more equal than others I guess … especially when those lies result in “free and democratic” Iraq now being an Iranian satellite state, which makes all those lives and those trillions of dollars (much of which was used by George W. Bush cronies and contributors as a slush fund … the looting of the treasury that went on during “Iraq reconstruction” makes Solyndra look like a child’s piggy bank by comparison) TOTALLY WORTH IT …

          But you guys are right. Wilson calling Obama a liar makes him a true conservative and a good American. But calling Bush, Cheney etc. what they actually were makes you a soft on terror dhimmi pinko commie.

          • rense, don’t become unhinged.

            i think everyone above was saying that Wilson shouldn’t have done that at the State of the Union. Same side you took.

            Even Wilson said so himself – that it was wrong and an error.

            Le Freak much?

            • Ken says:

              Poor rense,

              Actually following what has been written is apparently too difficult. Instead a complete leap of subject, reason and sanity are required to correspond. It’s sad; so sad, but expected.

  1. Herb says:

    Joe “hypocrite” Wilson headlining a GOP event. How fitting. Wilson as the headliner for the party of the uncouth, Crony Capitalists, and George W. Bush and his trillion dollar wars.

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