Wilkinson County Tax Commissioner Kevin Rauscher Arrested

While laws are being made under the gold dome, it appears laws are being broken elsewhere. It was Juvenal who asked the still-pertinent question, “Who shall guard the guardians themselves?”

We have yet to find a satisfactory answer to that question, but the people of Irwinton and the remainder of Wilkinson County would like to know. Wilkinson County Tax Commissioner Kevin Rauscher has been arrested by the GBI on two charges, according to WMAZ TV’s website. Rauscher was charged with theft by taking and possession of the painkiller hydrocodone.

According to the Wilkinson County website:

As defined by state law, the Tax Commissioner is responsible for the administration of the Homeowner’s Tax Relief Grant

Map of Georgia highlighting Wilkinson County
Wilkinson County - Image via Wikipedia

Credit on real property taxes, the billing and collection of current and delinquent ad valorem taxes due the State, Board of Education, and County on real and personal property. Disbursements of collections are made periodically to the proper taxing authority pursuant to the regulations set by Georgia law.

The Tax Commissioner is also responsible for the billing and collection of ad valorem taxes due the State, Board of Education, County, and Municipalities at the time of tag/decal sale. Disbursements of these taxes are also made to the proper taxing authority as prescribed by State law.

Also, pursuant to State law, the Tax Commissioner is responsible for the collection and disbursement of mobile home taxes, public utility taxes, and timber taxes.

The Tax Commissioner also collects and disburses real and personal property taxes for the City of Allentown, DanvilleGordon, Irwinton, Ivey, McIntyre, and  Toomsboro.

Wilkinson County is located east of Macon and Bibb County in Middle Georgia and Northwest of Dublin and Laurens County. According to the 2010 census, the county population is 9,563, a decrease of more than six percent from the population shown in the 2000 census.

This story was recently made available and is still developing. The amount of funds Rauscher allegedly took is still under investigation. Updates will be available on the WMAZ-TV website.

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  1. ricstewart says:

    In similar news, Liberty County’s tax commissioner was just released on parole after serving 10 years of a 30-year sentence for racketeering and theft by conversion.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Enjoyed the County website & wikipedia info and the many offices (loved the 3 schools with a Bof E & staff) and employees to handle some 2,805 families.
    Then there were the 6 cities – the county seat, Irwinton has 152 families – the thing about us is that we gripe about too much government but we sure love our locals…..

    Maybe, while consolidating universities, consolidate a few counties & unincorporate a few cities…

    • Ken says:


      Believe it or not, I agree that in many instances counties would save a tremendous amount of money and it would increase the talent available, if multiple counties would be consolidated.

      • Calypso says:

        I have always agreed with city/county and county/county consolidation where beneficial, yet in the back of my mind I always hear those old adages, “All politics is local” and “Your city council/county commissioners affect your life more directly than the state or federal government.”

        • Calypso says:

          sorry, forgot to finish my thought. I guess what I’m asking is, How far do you want to remove government from your oversight? The higher up the food chain you push the decision-making process, the less control you have over it.

          • saltycracker says:

            So pick a number population/household# as a minimum for incorporation of a city or county…… How about 20,000 for a city and 50,000 for a county (maybe less in large geographies).

            Queenstown, N.Z. is world known & last I was there a few years ago they were well short of becoming a city. New Zealand overhauled their approach 25 yrs. or so ago.

            They have regions determined by water catchment and territories made up of districts & cities which are based on community interests & roads. The cities (min, 50,000 population) are major centers and independent of the districts (various populations). They have lots of unincorporated towns/communities with great local pride.

    • peachstealth says:

      Wilkinson was one of the original counties in Georgia. Most of what is now Laurens, Blekley, Pulaski and Dodge counties were cut from it.
      It is on the Kaolin belt and at least two of the cities, McIntire and Gordon, have kaolin processing plants. The county has two four lane developmental highways , the Fall Line Freeway pass through Gordon and Ivy while US 441 passes through Irwinton and McIntire. They cross just South of the Baldwin County line near Milledgeville
      Over the Christmas I had the opportunity to drive from Dublin to Milledgeville on US 441. It’s a beautiful divided four lane but the speed limit is 55 for about the first half of the distance, 65 for the rest.
      I really thought one reason for the state spending all that money widening rural roads was to raise the speed limit, but I guess I was wrong.


  3. tom jefferson says:

    “Who shall guard the guardians themselves?” Good Question!
    Who is investigating the G.B.I.?
    BTW If people don’t know what a County Tax Commissioner does I seriously doubt that they would be capable of reading this article.

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