Open Thread on the State of the State and New Hampshire Primary results

Having begun my day way too early in order to attend Eggs and Issues, my brain is too fried to figure out how to start a live blog. In any case, I fear it might be too resource-intensive for the poor squirrels who power Peach Pundit’s Commodore 64 server.

I will note that Gov. Deal said “Georgians deserve a world-class, public medical university, and it will be a priority of this administration to have a medical college among the top 50 nationally.” I think he meant to say Georgians deserve a public medical college among to top 50 nationally. Emory University School of Medicine is currently ranked #21 nationally for Research, and #33 for Primary Care.

Make of it what you will.


  1. John Konop says:

    Is a third place showing enough for Huntsman to gain any mo?

    Will Paul gain mo with a strong second place showing after a strong showing in Iowa?

    If Romney only wing by 10ish is that enough to stop Newt and Santorum?

    What happen to Newt and Santorum in NH?

    • Three Jack says:


      No, Hunstman shot his wad in NH, no chance in SC, FL or any other state going forward

      No, Paul has reached his new cap.

      Maybe, Romney reeks less than the rest and he will likely win by 15%+

      Newt fell, Santorum caught Chevy Volt like momentum…lotta chatter, no sale.

      NH like Iowa really proved nothing other than the underlying truth that fiscal conservatives are not enthused about any of the candidates. Romney, Paul and Huntsman are the top 3 in NH, yet none have a chance of unifying fiscal conservative voters for the general election in November (unless one considers an anti-Obama campaign as auto-unification…it’s not).

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Yeah yeah, just keep adjusting that cap. “oh this is the new cap. Uh, no, this one is. No no wait, this is it!” That ‘cap’ nonsense is completely useless at this point because there are still a half-dozen candidates in this race and I doubt all of them are going to stay in until super-tuesday. No telling where supporters are going to go as more drop out.

        • Three Jack says:

          sbdz, to his credit, paul doubled his previous ‘cap’. But there is simply no way Gingrich / Santorum supporters will move to him en masse once either or both leave the race. He may get a boost from Huntsman voters, but not nearly enough to win the nomination.

          It’s really down to Romney v. Paul v. Gingrich/Santorum (combined they came in 3rd right behind Paul w/almost 19%). Romney will really have to screw up at this point to not get the nomination.

          • seenbetrdayz says:

            I don’t know. My view is that Romney has already screwed up, because his record will start working against him at this point, and I expect that ads from all candidates will start flooding the airways portraying him as the flip-flopper he is. Ron Paul, whether someone agrees with him or not, is in no way the flip-flopper that Romney is. It’s going to boil down to people deciding whether to vote for the most consistent candidate whom they may not necessarily agree with on every issue, or whether they want to gamble on a crap-shoot that they might somehow get a conservative out of Mitt Romney. It’s a contest of character versus a coin-flip.

            • benevolus says:

              I cannot see the GOP establishment/industrial-military complex letting Ron Paul get nominated. Can you imagine the resources they would bring to bear if it began to look like a possibility?

              • seenbetrdayz says:

                I can, and have, imagined, and you’re right. If Ron Paul wins a lot of wealthy people who have made their wealth, not from doing business with consumers, but rather by doing business through lobbyists and politicians, stand to lose a LOT of influence. Contractors, pharmaceutical companies, corporate agriculture, corrupt bankers, you name it.

                I’m sure that there’s a lot of resources they’ll call up against him, but the big thing I could possibly see happening is that we end up going to war (undeclared, of course) with Iran before the election date. Iran and Russia are talking about stopping exchanges in dollars for oil (if they haven’t already). Most GOP contenders are running around with lit road flares next to a powder-keg. Only one seems to be saying, ‘hey let’s think about this for a second.’

          • Engineer says:

            Three Jack, you are missing one key point. Right now, like it or not, Paul is the only candidate with the funds to go head-to-head against Romney. Perry, Santorum, Huntsman, and Gingrich’s campaigns are nearly broke and primarily relying on their super pacs (if available) for advertising money. Paul on the other hand, built up a war chest over the past year of around $13 million dollars.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Congressman Ron Paul could have 1 billion dollars and not get the nomination. There are three people running: Gov. Romney, Congressman Paul, and whomever is not Gov. Romney or Congressman Paul. Gov. Huntsman will endorse Romney after he fails to break 5% in SC. Most of the others will rally around whomever is not Gov. Romney or Congressman Paul. The race is between Gov. Romney and whomever is not Gov. Romney or Congressman Paul.

            • Three Jack says:

              Engineer, money has never been Paul’s problem, it’s the message. He left $14m in the account after losing 3 years ago so I have no doubt he will do the same this time.

              Paul will find SC and FL much tougher than the first 2 states. He hasn’t reached 10% in either and likely will fade into the background soon no matter how many money bombs he drops.

              • Engineer says:

                I think both you and Doug are missing my point. The others will eventually drop out and leave it as Romney vs Ron Paul. If this happens, I suspect a large number of people will vote Paul because he isn’t Romney.

    • bowersville says:

      Politico reported Jon Huntsman was trailing Stephen Colbert in SC. No joke, that’s what they reported.

      Another report from last night. Ron Paul’s campaign manager was calling on the other not-Mitts to drop out and rally behind Paul as the alternate to Mitt. Doubt that.

      Gingrich had a new infusion of cash in the Super PAC supporting him. The Gingrich campaign, not the Super PAC, has made a buy for ads on pro-life issues in SC.

      Santorum should have stayed in SC and skipped NH. He and Newt are competing for the same folks and Newt’s ahead with his cash.

      Nikki Haley, the TEA Party darling, has endorsed Romney. I guess the TEA Party can continue to fight ObamaCare and rally around RomneyCare. There’s a way. It may be shallow but one’s a state issue—RomneyCare—the other was forced on them by the socialist Feds—ObamaCare. Stephen Colbert is the expert in the comedy of it all, I’m just saying.

      Perry…too far behind.

      SC is the last whistle stop for at least 2 and maybe 3. In order….Huntsman, Perry and depending on outcome of the primary…Santorum, Gingrich.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Emory, Mercer & Morehouse are private.

    There is only one public choice: GHSU (Georgia Health Sciences University)
    It is a good one and deserves a strategy to achieve national ranking.

    • kyleinatl says:

      A flip-flopping boring rich middle-age white guy is rapidly being chosen as the “best” candidate to unseat the president, boy did that ever work in 2004…

      • L. Max Lehmann says:

        Unlike 2004 our 2012 “flip-flopping boring rich middle-age white guy” doesn’t have to unseat a sitting GOP president. Nor will he be weighed down by an Alaskan anchor …

        Ultimately most GOP voters will most likely coalesce behind whomever is nominated believing anyone is better than the incumbent, perhaps holding their collective noses on the way to the voting booth or not. I am curious about a potential running mate, perhaps Ms. Bachmann? Or Mr. Huntsman?

        The June/July Supreme Court decision on PPACA’s individual mandate may either help or hurt POTUS in the polls; striking down the controversial mandate, which is crucial to eliminating ‘pre-exisiting conditions’, is an obvious ‘hurt.’ The GOP had better have a ‘replacement’ model or swing voters MAY gravitate toward whomever provides HC insurance, regardless of cost or long term consequences.

        Germany has a remarkable healthcare system, if you overlook the fact that the profit incentive is generally negated. The US can and must ‘do better’ than allowing it’s citizens, some with good insurance and above average resources, to exhaust same and essentially become charity cases.

        Medical bankruptcy happens EVERYDAY and it is unconscionable in a Nation as great as ours.

        • Calypso says:

          “I am curious about a potential running mate, perhaps Ms. Bachmann?”

          Well, just shoot me in the head now then. Didn’t you just mention an Alaskan anchor? She’d be Minnesota mayhem.

          • Ken says:

            Yes, Ms. “Politifacts agreed that everything I said in the last debate was true” Bachmann.

            Which begs the question: Pathological liar or incompetent?

            This is why she won the Iowa straw poll and “won the Iowa debate” according to the MSM and yet got her clock cleaned in the Iowa caucuses. People there can actually use google and see that PolitiFacts rated her as “Pants-on-Fire” for 1 of the 2 statements they commented upon in the previous debate.

            Michele Bachmann was a problem in the race and it is good that she is gone. She was hurting the GOP brand, the conservative brand and the Tea Party brand.

              • Ken says:

                Did I mention I also hold her primarily responsible for being the catalyst who introduced on-stage fellow-candidate bashing?

                She’s not my favorite. My opinion of her was “acceptable” in the beginning but the more untruths she told and the more she attacked other candidates the less I liked her.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Bet that new medical college will go in Hall County with lake lots for the elites at Glades Reservoir.

    • drjay says:

      ever since perdue started jacking around with mcg, i feel i no longer have any idea what will become of my alma mater–even back when i was there, background chatter always existed about “what to do with mcg” should they expand, move or otherwise shake things up. the “solution” to the dificulty in attracting faculty always centered around how sucky augusta is and laments that if we were only in atl, then the faculty would be beating the down to fill vacant spots (in this economy, i wonder how many vacancies there still are???) when they decided to satellite in athens, i assumed it was the first step in created the uga, school of medicine, and shuttering the doors on the augusta campus…now i hear rumours of merging augusta state with mcg (to what end i’m not sure) also they kill two birds with one stone recently by tearing down some housing projects and building a new dental building–the school has always been in a rather unsavory location. i am curious what will happen if deal is now making a big push concerning the school…

  4. Three Jack says:

    From a Sunday AJC article about lobbyists and the Wild Hog Dinner —

    Sate of the state from the article — Because tickets are publicly available, Bulloch (Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman John Bulloch, R-Ochlocknee) said it is wrong to lump the Wild Hog in with the rest of the lobbying that goes on.

    “I know lots and lots of lobbyists that don’t even go. In fact, there are a lot of legislators that don’t even go. Lobbyists will take them out to dinner, and pig picking at the depot is something that a lot of people don’t want,” Bulloch said. “You are not invited to go to that private dinner where somebody carries me to Bones and Chops or Oceanaire or some of those places. This is an event that is open to the public for the price of a ticket.” (emphasis added)

    That about sums it up…regular folks can pay to eat wild boar and like it while the privileged Gold Domers are ‘carried’ by lobbyists to Bones, Chops or Oceanaire. Being Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee, I bet Mr. Bulloch has VIP credentials at all the finest steak houses in Atlanta.

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