Governor Deal Brokers A Peace Treaty In The Senate

I heard this morning that Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle is on his way back to getting power, and now Jim Galloway is reporting that Governor Nathan Deal has brokered a peace treaty between President Pro-Tem Tommie Williams, Majority Leader Chip Rogers, and Lt. Gov. Cagle.  A vote of no-confidence was to be held today, but both Sens. Williams and Rogers went to Governor Deal to intervene (a breach in the separation of powers, perhaps??) in the matter.  What resulted was a meeting between Cagle, Williams, Rogers, Sen. Ronnie Chance, and Sen. Don Balfour and apparently an agreement was worked out:

Cagle would chair a reconfigured five-member committee on assignments. The lieutenant governor would also have two appointments to that committee. Williams and Rogers would hold seats as well.

However, an agreement was reached that the committee would make no changes in the current chairmanship roster. Caucus elections this fall, after the November general election, would settle the matter.

Also, William and Rogers were guaranteed seats on this session’s budget conference committees.

Perhaps this peace treaty will keep everyone peachy through the remaining 38 days of the legislative session.  Maybe the war will end and the senate can get back to work on legislation rather than engaging in political in-fighting.  We’ll see, but speculation would be that changes are coming in the fall.  Stay tuned.


Nevermind, the proposal has been rejected by the Senate GOP Caucus according to Todd.


    • ted in bed says:

      Wow. Now what? It seems Cagle wants power so much that he’ll collude with the Democrats to get it.

      Per Jim Galloway’s article, “Democrats would have been able to provide the swing votes that determined the outcome.”

      The Senate Republicans need to circle the wagons around Williams and Rogers for no other reason than having the Democrats including Cagle select the leadership means they lose control.

      • brasstownhigh says:

        Says the kid whose moniker is “ted in bed”. Here we go again – it’s Tuesday – so it’s time for another conspiracy theory about colluding with Democrats.

        • ted in bed says:

          I’m just noting what Jim Galloway wrote. The only way Cagle can accomplish his goal is with the help of the Dems. Once he seizes his power, what will the payoff be to the Dems? The Senate Democrats aren’t patsies, they are serious players in the game.

          • brasstownhigh says:

            It was actually Tommie Williams who was colluding with Democrats. He went to their caucus and offered them a spot on the Committee on Assignments in exchange for their support.

            • Archon says:

              Ok so brasstown is new to how things work at the legislature and the Senate in particular. Williams, who I am not a fan of, is the Pro-Tem of the SENATE not the Republican Majority leader and is his role it is appropriate and not unheard of for him to address the minority caucus and or leadership prior to session. This is much different the working with the Democrats IN SECRET against the will of the majority party the party Casey claims to be a part of.

              So to summarize Tommie did what a Pro-Tem should do and Casey was being a snake who got caught who can’t tie his shoes. Are we all clear now?

              • brasstownhigh says:

                Wait – so it’s not ok for Republicans to work with Democrats – then it is ok. You can’t have it both ways, Archon.

                When Tommie Williams was about to lose his Pro Tem job – he begged every republican senator and admitted that he was such a failure. Then after that wasn’t working – he went and offered Democrats favors in exchange for their support. Tommie wasn’t doing “what a Pro-Tem should do”.

                The only line on Cagle and Democrats is the same baseless one that’s been copy and pasted on this blog over and over again with no evidence.

                • Archon says:

                  Well ok let me help you hear it was true about casey then both the deal with the Democrats to vote for him and the fact that he is challenged when trying to tie his shoes and requires the assistance of female lobbyists. Those are facts not copy and paste quotes.

                  All I that Tommie has done is go to a pre session minority caucus meeting. Not the same sorry.

                  Clearly you are an apologist for the Lt Guv that’s ok at least your bias is clear.

                  • brasstownhigh says:

                    Referring to false innuendo that already came out and was proved to not have any truth to it is amateur. Good try.

                    Tommie did pander to Democrats in an attempt to save his job. Archon, you’re wrong. And worse, your counter arguments are awful and convoluted.

                    • UpHere says:

                      They both pandered to the Democrats. Casey did it at the end of last year with Hook proposing the rule changes (or something similar that would have given Casey more sway). Republican Senators are split between them both now and it will not end until one of them decide to be a leader instead of trying to rule with their ego.

                    • Ken says:


                      Please do share the “proof” that Casey Cagle did not attempt to collude with Democrats to snatch power in the state senate,

                      Links please.

    • Archon says:

      Or part of the reason may be that the group opposed lost there stones when it was time to put up or shut up. The chamber certainly got very quiet quickly today. According to rumors that is

  1. Ralph says:

    Why should Republican, Democrat, or Independent voters care which way this is settled inside the Senate?

    • Nathan says:

      Well, seeing that there’s a log jam in the senate where little work is being done, it would seem like a compromise would be in the best interests of Georgians.

      • Ralph says:

        O.K. – hope it gets settled and they move on, but my question is why should Republican, Democrat, or Independent VOTERS care which WAY this is settled.

        I know there are individual Senators who care – that’s just insider politics.

        • Nathan says:

          I believe you hit it on the head…this is one of those “inside baseball” moments where most Georgians don’t care who ends up winning out, but for folks around here, it just depends on what side you’re on.

      • Three Jack says:

        “Well, seeing that there’s a log jam in the senate where little work is being done,…”

        What’s the downside?

        • Archon says:

          I guess what happened on day one was not noteworthy. Get a grip. The log jam is a lt guv who is too interested in his power and bullying those who oppose him. Remember this is the guy who forced a bad vote on the bed tax. He is for sale to the highest bidder. That is why when the Republicans took over they booted him out of leadership.

          • Ralph says:


            But the public will need to see the special interest tax reform proposals before they are voted upon and the legislators leave town. We all know the auto sales industry is looking for a break and there is an attempt to reverse previously decreases in pension taxation to attract those retiring to Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama. Big mistake running law abiding folks off who pay sales, ad valorum and property taxes while not using schools, roads, utilities, and services as much as other income groups.

            • CobbGOPer says:

              Florida and Tennessee will continue to have a distinct advantage over us since they do not tax income. Anyone that would ‘retire’ to Alabama… we don’t want anyway.

              • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                Though it should be noted that the annual explosive population growth in Florida has pulled back a little in recent years because of the prohibitive cost of insurance due to the ultra-destructive hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005, which might slightly mitigate some of the advantages that Florida has with the lack of an income tax.

                Needless to say, Georgia needs to get rid of it’s income tax to not only be competitive with neighboring states like Tennessee and Florida (and North Carolina which is a research & development hotbed for those that happen to be unaware), but also with Texas (which is also a state that has no income tax), who is eating our lunch (and breakfast, dinner, dessert and afternoon snacks) right now when it comes to economic development and job growth.

      • Word says:

        Log jam in the Senate? Unless I’m missing something isn’t the Senate the only chamber to have passed legislation this year?

        I don’t disagree that they need to settle things in the caucus but the Senate had the better legislative resume last year than the house and is already getting work done this year.

        The speaker is going to get all the mileage out of this he can because it makes him look like the guy who has his house in order. Any chance he can get to publicly call it out he will and probably should but lets look at each chamber’s legislative accomplishments before saying it’s a log jam.

  2. jpmsouth says:

    I for one care. The State Constitution states that the Lt. Gov. is a member of the Executive Branch of the State Govt., AND the Constitution says a member of one branch of government SHALL not serve in another branch of government. Therefore, the issue is not whether it is Cagle or his Democratic predecessor – it is the fact the Senate and Governor have no right to set aside the State Constitution and broker any deals allowing the Lt. Gov. to appoint people that will appoint to committee.

    The Georgia Lt. Gov. has even less power under the Georgia Constitution than the VP of the US has in presiding over the US Senate.

    Read the State Constitution before choosing sides.

  3. CobbGOPer says:

    In a later interview, spokesman Brian Robinson added that if the Senate can’t reach an accommodation, the Governor will get rid of all of them and appoint Senators who are “team players.”

  4. seekingtounderstand says:

    REWARD for Picture of Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in his car with driver on I-85 hot lane.
    Do we have more of the good ol boy payoff system which Perdue embraced……..
    We need new leadership in Georgia and right now there seems to be a void. Just thinking that our future governor maybe our current Lt. Gov. Cagle makes me sick. Go look at his home county and see what the future of Georgia is headed.
    You folks that live on 400 or Atlanta have no idea what Hall County is like. You would be in shock.

    • Velasco says:

      Ok – you don’t like the Lt. Governor. Fine. But what’s your beef with Hall County? Shock?

      I live off 400, but have spent lots of time on Lake Lanier and in Hall County. It’s a great part of Georgia.

  5. LongLostLarry says:

    Going back and forth with the Governor for three hours, shaking on a deal and then crawfishing is par for the course for Senate leadership. It should come as no surprise when Cagle ousts the whole bunch.

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