Morning Reads for Monday, January 9th

Guard your wallets, the Georgia General Assembly is back in session.

Here in Georgia…
– It looks like the legislature will hit the ground running.
– Here’s the AJC’s list of the most powerful players in the legislature.
– Nearly 40% of Georgians want the legislature to focus on the economy.
– Georgia Trend ranks the 100 most influential Georgians.
– The Club for Growth fired a warning at Mac Collins last week. Collins insists, however, that he is more conservative than Paul Broun. I don’t know, a real conservative wouldn’t vote to expand entitlements like Medicare, which is what Collins did.

National stories of interest…
– 77% of Americans oppose a gas tax increase.
– ATR has an updated rundown of the GOP candidates’ tax plans.
– There aren’t many that want him to actually win the nomination, so why is Mitt Romney ahead?
– Ten years later, No Child Left Behind has been a failure.

A few that I like…
– Yes, Atlanta sports fans aren’t that great, but after watching the Falcons yesterday, can you blame us?
– Here’s a list of things guys shouldn’t know how to do.
– The film adaptation of 24 is set to begin filming.