Hide your wallets, booze and daughters

Last night I prayed that Georgia could get a whole bunch of new laws. Lo and behold, my prayers were answered!

The Georgia General Assembly begins its 40-day mission of legislating doing the Lord’s work today.

What issues will you be watching? What will happen with the leadership saga in the senate? Who will emerge as winners and losers? Discuss in the comments below.

Side note: Following the roaring success of last night, we will hold other Road Shows during the Session. Including one at *gasp* Manuel’s Tavern. Stay tuned…


  1. L. Max Lehmann says:

    Good to see Representatives, old and new friends last night!

    I am really impressed that Rep(s). Jimmy Pruett and Brockway, Judge McFadden, and so many others took their personal time to visit. Great opportunity to meet those who are making a difference and share your thoughts.

  2. Todd Rehm says:

    I’d sugggest a general assembly drinking game where you take a shot every time you hear the word “jobs” from the well, but you’d quickly become comatose.

    • Ed says:

      If you did that listening to WABE’s newscast this morning you’d be in the ER. No fewer than 10 times did I hear “jobs” before my ears just tuned it out.

  3. Rambler1414 says:

    The easiest ways to kill TIA and keep Georgia on the track of competing with Alabama and Mississippi instead of Charlotte and Florida:

    Don’t fix the 1-cent vs. 2-cent issue with Fulton and DeKalb
    Don’t address regional transit governance

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Must be that time of the year again, when the stupidest 1% in the state gather under the Gold Dome to decide how the rest of us need to live our lives.

    • saltycracker says:

      Not exactly – have you compared their net worth & future earnings potential going in with either 6 yrs. later or coming out ?

  5. saltycracker says:

    The online AJC hit a hot button on their article about insurance rate increases.
    A big factor mentioned was contractor scams, particularly roofing.
    The industry spokesman pointed out the need for regulation requiring licensing.

    Are the insurance companies & industry folks on one side and the legislators and scam artists on the other ?

    The insurance companies know how to adjust when under assault beyond just raising rates.
    State Farm and others got the GA insurance commissioner’s office to agree that opening a claim was a cost to them EVEN if denied and a strike in their 3 strikes in 5 years and you are out.

    Thus if a scammer pushed a roof, the loyal customers went for an opinion from the insurance companies claim office and in turn, many, were routinely denied. And many finally got a roof after due dilegence. With all the storms it was not unusual for many to call an agent twice in a short period and even if denied they received a letter advising, strike two, one more “claim” and they would be cancelled…..

    State Farm is taking another reaction step and retiring the older agents, splitting the business and pushing their new young turks to push mutual funds and health insurance. Like the banks that moved from serving the best interest of their customers to their interests first, they are pushing products to maximize commissions. The idea is selling grandma something keeps the rates down on the educated…..or their short term profits up…..

    Insurance companies do get scammed and the answer is not in opening more profit doors to make up for it. How about our legislators work with them to come up with regulations to minimize scam and fraud ? Licensing roofers might help.

    Regulation can be positive if it keeps one from doing harm to another and opens up competition.

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