Peach Pundit Road Show Tonight

Reminder that tonight’s the night!  Come join us for tonight’s Peach Pundit Roadshow, the 2012 Wild Hog Supper Edition.

The Roadshow is Pundit’s occasional social event in which people who almost never agree with each other get together and have a beer. It’s also the place where pseudonyms become faces, thus making the declaration Godwin’s Law less necessary.   (Wikipedia: Godwin’s Law)

Everyone’s invited — and you too!  And bring a friend if you have one.

Where:  Max Lager’s, 320 Peachtree Street Atlanta, probably upstairs

When:  Tonight — Sunday, January 8th,  7 PM until it’s over

Parking:  SunTrust Plaza parking is across Peachtree Street, as well as a surface lot.



  1. KudzuDave says:

    If you will be at tonight’s Wild Hog Supper please consider giving us a call on the Kudzu Vine to tell us about the event. Anytime between 7:00 and 8:00 to 1-646-478-4503

    • Cobb Needs a Front Page Poster says:

      Well, I am a regular attender that didn’t who it this year (or, unfortunately to the Roadshow). I had to help a friend finish up her campaign disclosure report, do several hours of work on a case for one of my clients, feed the baby, bath the baby (which these days nearly always comes after feeding). I guess life is starting to creep in and mess up my politicking.

      • You made the right choice, Jason. Always, always, always pick the baby and home life first.

        There’s always another political event. Enjoy that baby, and take time to enjoy the work that goes into raising a baby. It’s not work, it’s an honor.

        Maybe see you at the next one-

  2. I’m at the other end of the kid spectrum. Three of my 4 children surprised me and came home yesterday, so I cooked. See you guys next year, but I was there in spirit.

  3. Ed says:

    Numerous attendees of the PPRS said this was “the best ever.” They especially wanted to congratulate the organizer for such an exceptional event. Just want to let him know that your work was appreciated by many.

    Also thanks to Max Lager’s for letting us stay much later than they wanted us to.

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