Congressman Tom Graves Announces Changes in District Staff

This was passed along to me yesterday afternoon from Congressman Graves’ office:

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-9) announces the following changes to his district staff in Dalton, Georgia.  Travis Loudermilk joins the staff as District Representative.  Travis previously worked for Rep. Phil Gingrey.  He replaces Damon Walker, who is leaving the office to pursue new opportunities.

“While it is always hard to see good people move on, there is no doubt Damon will do well in whatever new endeavor he chooses.  Damon joined our team at a critical time in 2010.  We were in the middle of two elections and in the process of setting up two congressional offices in Georgia and one in Washington.  He wasted no time in implementing a field outreach program in all 15 counties of the district — and established relationships all across North Georgia that will be beneficial to my office for years to come.  About six months ago, Damon shared with us his desire to chart a new career course, and we support him in this decision.  Damon is a self-starter and has one of the most positive, upbeat attitudes of anyone that I know.  Julie and I certainly appreciate his service, and we both wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

“Stepping in to fill Damon’s position is Travis Loudermilk.  Travis joined our office late last year, after serving on the staff of Rep. Gingrey.  Travis will continue to provide the same great outreach throughout the northwestern part of the district and will be available for those who seek assistance from my office.  Adding Travis to the team compliments my ongoing effort to build the strongest, most responsive staff of any Member of Congress.”

I’ve known Damon for a few years now and have been honored to talk politics with him from time to time.  He’s a bright, hard working, and a great conservative.  He’s done well working as a member of Congressman Graves’ staff in Dalton.  I wish him much luck in his new endeavors.


  1. Calypso says:

    “Adding Travis to the team compliments…”

    I hope Travis has a better command of the English language than the person who wrote this press release.


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