Really, Iowa?

Photo of old Iowa Capitol courtesy of Todd Landry Photography

The Old Iowa Capitol in Iowa City dates to 1840 and was the seat of state government until 1857 when Des Moines became the capitol of Iowa and the Old Capitol became the first building of what is now know as the University of Iowa.


  1. Engineer says:

    I come back from vacation and see this picture of the old Iowa Capitol building, such a nice looking building.

  2. Doug Grammer says:

    My prediction was: “Iowa: Romney 1st, Paul 2nd, Newt 3rd, Santorum 4th, Bachman 5th, Perry 6th, Huntsman last…all with not much percentage differences between 1-3 and 4-6.”

    I wasn’t far off. I didn’t see the Sen. Santorum leapfrog coming, and I should have known Perry would finish ahead of Bachman. I gave her straw poll win too much credit. IMO, there are three candidate types running, Romney, Paul, and whomever is not Romney or Paul. “all with not much percentage differences between 1-3.” The race will boil down to Romney and whomever is not Romney or Paul.

    • Ken says:


      Pretty good shooting.

      My prediction was: 1. Santorum; 2. Romney; 3. Paul; 4. Perry; 5. Gingrich; 6. Bachmann; and 7. Huntsman.

      I overestimated the Perry surge, but I figure not too bad.

    • 22bons says:

      The only remaining Not-Romney Not-Paul candidate that can survive basic oppo research is Rick Perry. If grassroot conservatives want to overlook Perry’s poor debating skills and forgive his apostasy on immigration he could climb back in to the race in March. Otherwise it’s over. I don’t think this will happen so I think it’s over and Romney will be the nominee.

        • 22bons says:

          Idle speculation and google of course.

          Paul eliminated by definition, Bachmann dropped out. I ignored Jon Huntsman and did some basic research on Santorum. Santorum’s support for earmarks, Medicare Part D, and big government spending in general will not play well with the tea party voters who have latched on to his campaign in relative ignorance of his 20 year record. If it comes to it, Mitt’s Super Pac will spotlight that record and carpet bomb Santorum’s candidacy into single digits just as they are doing with Gingrich.

          Perry is the only candidate Mitt can’t dispense with in this manner. I would guess that the most interesting strategic decision for the Romney campaign now is how long to wait before offing Santorum. He is a very useful roadblock to a much more threatening Perry resurgence.

          • Charlie says:

            I agree with most of that, but I don’t agree that Perry has passed the basic opposition research test. His executive order for Gardasil alone is probably worth 5-10% of the vote if exploited properly. It’s how Bachmann initially deflated his balloon before he chose to pop it by forgetting his complex 3 point platform.

            I also agree that Santorum won’t stand up to scrutiny. Will be interesting to see if he’s more useful in or out of the race to both Gingrich and Romney as they battle over South Carolina and then Florida.

            • saltycracker says:


              Agree – guessing fun: Florida might be the ball game for the (R) candidate.
              A temp Santorum surge from way down draws from Gingrich, a little bit.

              Gingrich has been the recent favorite in S.C. & FL and needs to win in S.C. to impress FL voters. His showing in Iowa didn’t help and neither will Romney’s ads.

              If Romney wins S.C. it could sway Rubio to endorse him and be a shoo in for Romney’s V.P. choice. Rubio could continue sitting on the sidelines as whoever the candidate is will have him high on the list.

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