The Tumultuous Trail to the Presidency in 2012

2011 saw a number of presidential hopefuls battling it out on stage in numerous (perhaps too numerous?) debates. One of the front-runners was mired down in the muck of an extra-marital affair and was forced to bow out. Another front-runner, who was no stranger to affairs or any other scandal for that matter, was seen to be racing towards the presidency like a phoneix. Well, unfortunately, the phoneix seems to have crashed and burned again. We now have Romney back as the leader of the pack with Paul and Santorum nipping at his heels.

It seems like the past two presidential elections hasn’t had a “unifying” candidate for the Republicans. The problem with Romney is not his religion, as the news media would like to portray conservative Republicans as bigots, but rather some of his stances and probably most importantly Romneycare. He’s tried to rationalize it and justify it away, but that hasn’t set well with the conservative base. However, if polls are to be trusted, Romney seems to be the favorite to win the 2012 GOP nomination.

Rick Perry could have been that unifying force. He was the absolute, hands-down favorite for the conservative base. Then he started to talk on national television. I can’t fault someone for having a brain fart since I’ve had more than my fair-share of them, but if you’re forgetting what departments you’re going to cut as president during a debate….that’s not good. Stock up on ginko biloba, use flash cards 5 to 10 minutes before hand, or something.

Ron Paul…well, Ron Paul is Ron Paul. His fiscal policy strikes a chord with conservatives, but they’re not too keen on some of his foreign policy. No one likes negative press, but Ron Paul hasn’t had too much of it during the campaign. The way he handled that one piece of negative press certainly would make me wonder how he could withstand other attacks from the Democrats in November. Not to mention, saying you wrote it 10 years ago and then denying that you even read it much less wrote it makes me wonder about him as well.

Although Romney seems to not be the favorite candidate of conservatives, I think he would be a good president. He’s been a governor, CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, and a businessman. That’s a lot more than the current occupant of the White House. Not to mention, Romney might even be able to win the presidency against the incumbent President Barack Obama.

This isn’t an endorsement of Romney, but if he becomes the nominee, I think I would be fine with that.


  1. TPNoGa says:

    I think it’s funny how Gingrich spouts that he will not speak ill of fellow Repubs, but then turns around and calls a fellow Repub a liar. Not saying he is wrong, just kind of a hypocrite.

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